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De Jesus vs Simmons – Big Things Ahead

Both John de Jesus and Jamey Simmons feel that they are ready to take the next step in their professional mixed martial arts careers. The only problem is, each would have to go through the other to take that step.

Simmons and de Jesus are set to square off in Brawl in the Burgh 3’s main event on March 14. And, while both featherweights recognize that the 247 title is on the line, neither is prepared to let their dream of making it to a national stage take a hit—particularly given how confident they are in their own abilities heading into the match.

Simmons (6-2 as a professional) comes into the championship fight with a strong wrestling background. The 145-pound fighter out of Milwaukee’s Pura Vida BJJ & MMA has been wrestling since he was three years old, continued that career into high school, and now works with other high school and Division III collegiate wrestlers in his region to improve their own wrestling game. 

“I’ve wrestled my whole life,” Simmons said. “I’m a student of the sport.

“I’d say my strongest point is taking you down. I think I’m hard to take down, and I’m hard to get out of position. I hand fight well too.”

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Jake Schilling – A Terror… a Fireball, a Hurricane

It was only when Jake Schilling got laid off that he was really able to get work.

Schilling, who will fight on Saturday’s Brawl in the Burg 3 professional card at a 150-pound catch weight, has a day job in construction. He works in masonry, and he works outdoors. So, when November rolled around, weather worsened, and work slowed, Schilling was let go. And so, Schilling (1-0) turned right around and made preparing for his fight against Shawn Tarlton (0-0) his full time obsession. 

“I’m just staying in the gym. Just staying busy in the gym…Just paying my bills., living modest. I think just being a martial artist, this lifestyle is a really modest lifestyle…When you first start out, you’re not making a lot of money, so this is just for the love of the game—for the love of the sport.”

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Allgeier vs Harnish – BitB3

“I’m not doing anything else” – Allgeier vs Harnish

Allgeier vs Harnish – Cam Allgeier is here because he couldn’t make his sixth grade soccer team. 

Allgeier, who came up through the Pittsburgh Public School system, tried out for the soccer team because his friends had done the same. But, due to what Allgeier attributes to a lack of foot-eye coordination, things just didn’t work out. That’s when a wrestling coach for the school noticed Allgeier in the hallway, and asked how things were going. Allgeier told the coach that he had been cut from the soccer team. So, the coach invited Allgeier to give wrestling a try.

“I thought, ‘I guess I’m not doing anything else, so I’ll go down and try it,’” Allgeier said.

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