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“I’m not doing anything else” – Allgeier vs Harnish

Allgeier vs Harnish – Cam Allgeier is here because he couldn’t make his sixth grade soccer team. 

Allgeier, who came up through the Pittsburgh Public School system, tried out for the soccer team because his friends had done the same. But, due to what Allgeier attributes to a lack of foot-eye coordination, things just didn’t work out. That’s when a wrestling coach for the school noticed Allgeier in the hallway, and asked how things were going. Allgeier told the coach that he had been cut from the soccer team. So, the coach invited Allgeier to give wrestling a try.

“I thought, ‘I guess I’m not doing anything else, so I’ll go down and try it,’” Allgeier said.

Facing Adversity – Allgeier vs Harnish

Because of that moment, Allgeier (2-0) finds himself stepping into the cage on March 14 against Dylan Harnish (2-0) in the 247 Fighting Championships’ Brawl in the Burgh 3. As the would-be-soccer player-turned-wrestler squares off against a potent striker in Harnish. Each 20 years-old, the pair will fight in a 140-pound catchweight amateur bout on the show’s preliminary card. And, while Allgeier is aware of Harnish’s punching power, he is also used to fighting through adversity.

“I could have told you exactly how many lights were on the ceiling,” Allgeier said while speaking about his first season as a wrestler for Obama Academy.

In short, Allgeier spent a lot of time on his back his freshman year,finishing 6-7, while wrestling at 106 pounds. But then, Allgeier transferred to Baldwin High School, and started to find his way in the grappling game. Allgeier spent the next three seasons bouncing between three weight classes as he grew, before eventually settling into the 132-pound weight class for the majority of his senior season, when he was 19-15. 

I am not impressed by your performance – Allgeier vs Harnish

For his part, Harnish, is not impressed.

“I looked into [Allgeier’s] record. I think he was 45-45. That’s an average high school wrestler,” Harnish said. “I think I’m better than him everywhere.”

Harnish went through a variety of sports in his youth—just none of them soccer. But, after beginning jiu-jitsu around 11 years-old, and then mixed martial arts training at 15, Harnish feels that he has finally found his calling in MMA.

“I can see myself as the best” – Allgeier vs Harnish

Allgeier vs Harnish

“If I don’t think that I’m going to be the best in something, then I don’t want to do it,” Harnish said. “And, I can see myself as being the best in the world at this.”

Like Allgeier, Harnish is on a two-fight win streak. But unlike Allgeier, who claimed victory in his most recent fight with a submission, Harnish’s last win came by a technical knockout due to strikes against Matt Nicolls, in Philadelphia, in late November. And, Harnish prides himself on his standup game, as well as his striking technique—both of which the Mid World Martial Arts fighter from Girardville, Pa. believes will make a difference in his matchup against Allgeier.

Allgeier vs Harnish

“I take weird angles that I don’t think he’s ever seen before… he has to worry about a knockout more than anything,” Harnish said. “I think his only chance to win is to lay on top of me for three rounds.”

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