Quincy McCombs, Austin Toon

With our huge year-end event now 11 days away, it’s time to take a closer look at two more fighters set to do battle at Brawl in the Burgh 2. Quincy McCombs takes on Austin Toon in an advanced amateur lightweight contest. Both fighters are coming into this fight humble but also ready to make a statement in front of the Canonsburg crowd.

Red Corner- Quincy McCombs

Fighting out of the red corner in this action-packed matchup will be Quincy McCombs. You might remember McCombs from his very closely contested split decision loss back at Brawl in the Burgh. In that fight against Pat Carrasquillo, McCombs had a lot of success on the feet and thought he should have had his hand raised after the final horn.

“(From that fight) I learned that you can’t leave anything in the judges’ hands. I thought I did enough and was more aggressive,” he said. Despite the loss, McCombs is not letting that affect his preparation moving forward. “That’s old news. I learned that anything can happen in this sport and it’s very interesting to me. It gives me even more drive to come out and put on a show for everyone that paid to watch all of us compete in a proper manner.” Quincy McCombs is more than ready to come out and put on a show, and bounce back from his controversial loss in the process.

One huge thing to note, this bout will be fought under advanced amateur rules, which excites Quincy. McCombs won’t be wearing shin pads or be limited with ground and pound. “High Quality” is relieved to fight under an advanced rule-set, instead of restrictive rules geared for novice amateur fighters.

“Long Days, Long Nights…”

To make a living, McCombs is a barber. Balancing training with a full-time job is one of the more challenging aspects of fighting. This is no different for McCombs, who has his eyes fixed on becoming the best. “Yeah (it’s hard), but I make it work,” he said. “Long days and long nights, but sacrifice is the main thing you do to result in success.”

As for his opponent, McCombs feels Toon is just another roadblock on his journey. “He’s another man in the way. The way he fights will make me overcome adversity and play it out like a game of chess” McCombs said. He went on to finish, “Each opponent I face is a key ingredient to my evolution. Come November 16, we’re gonna add a little more spice into my recipe of success.” As always, Quincy McCombs is humble and hungry to step into the cage and take care of business.

Blue Corner- Austin Toon

Standing across the cage from Quincy McCombs will be Austin Toon. Making the trip from Ohio for this fight, Toon is ready to put on a show at Printscape Arena and we couldn’t be more excited to have him.

Austin Toon enters this fight with so much inspiration and motivation from the people he loves most. At just 23 years old, Toon has three children who inspire him everyday to be better. Austin Toon got into wrestling in high school, partly as a result of being bullied as a child. He was always into UFC, Bellator, and WWE as a kid so martial arts have always been a major interest of his.

Toon started his MMA career off with a record of 2-0. He always finds inspiration from a friend to whom he promised he would keep fighting if she kept fighting. Unfortunately, just a few days after Austin Toon won his second fight, his friend passed away from cancer. Some rough times would follow, with Toon moving states, being out of training for awhile, and trying to find a new gym.

“Shortly after moving back, Wreckroom (the gym where Toon trained) closed. I spent several months out of an MMA gym and took a fight with pretty much no camp. I personally trained myself for that fight,” Toon said. Since that and in preparation to fight Quincy McCombs, Austin Toon has been training with Doug Benavides and has really started to see improvements in his game. Previously training with Mitch Whitesel, Toon really worked on his striking and wrestling. Now, working with Benavides, Toon is putting a lot of time into becoming a well-rounded martial artist by improving his judo and jiu-jitsu skills.

“Trying to Make Something of Myself”

Now that Toon is finally settled into his gym, he really feels like he has had time to sharpen his skills. “All I’ve been focused on for two years is trying to make something of myself. Not only for me as a person but also for my babies who need me.” While his kids can be a pain in the butt like all kids are, they provide Toon with so much inspiration.

Five years from now, Austin Toon mainly wants to just see constant improvement. “Five years is a good amount of time for some good improvements in my game. I could see myself at least at the pro level by then,” he said. “I’m busting my butt now to try to achieve those goals to get better.

As for his fight with Quincy McCombs, Toon is eager to see the improvements he has made. “This comes down to lessons learned to make me better. I’m hoping to turn things around in this fight and make something happen,” he said. “No matter what whether I win or lose, I always watch my own mistakes to see what I need to work on.”

These young fighters are dedicated to their crafts and making something of their MMA careers. We are thrilled for this fight, in what could easily be a fight of the night contender.

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