Dalton Rosta is built different.

I don’t just mean the fact he looks like a Gears of War character, either.

I mean the fact he doesn’t touch alcohol. Won’t smoke weed. Breaks down the science of his workouts with a master’s precision.

His drive and his focus is on a different level, and throughout this podcast, you’ll see and hear exactly what I mean.

Want to be the best? Get on Rosta’s level.

He’s 7-0 as a pro after a 7-0 amateur MMA career –– and none of that comes as a surprise after you listen to him speak.

He’s a top-five middleweight in Bellator’s middleweight division … and it feels like he’s only getting started.

Watch the podcast in full on stream247live.com by clicking this link or the image below or listen in the player embedded at the bottom of this post.


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