So Why Didn’t Dalton Macri fight at Brawl in the Burgh 9?

We know you want to know.

So we’re going to tell you.

With Brawl in the Burgh 9 now in the rearview mirror, Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast host and 247 Fighting Championships General Manager Hunter Homistek speaks with 247FC Owner Ryan Middleton, analyzing everything that went down Saturday evening in Monroeville.

While nine out of 10 scheduled bouts took place without issue, one glaring omission lingered at the event: Dalton Macri vs. Michaelangelo Turner.

Macri, a former PA state champion wrestler at Canon-McMillan, was scheduled to make his MMA debut against Turner, but the bout never happened –– even though Turner made weight.

Even though Turner successfully completed his paperwork.

Even though Turner received a negative COVID test the day of the fight.

Yeah, this one was weird for us. Ryan and Hunter discuss exactly what happened.


In addition, the duo breaks down nearly every fight on the card and discusses future plans for Dec. 4’s Brawl in the Burgh 10 event in GreenTree.

And as has become a tradition on the podcast, a few little secrets slip through the cracks and make their way onto airwaves as well. Want to know some fight dates for 2022? Come and get ’em.

Enjoy the show.

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