“Hunter, WTF is this post?”

I get it. I truly get it.

You see food and you wonder if you stumbled into the wrong apartment.

Nope. It’s us. 247 Fighting Championships here, at your service.

But to answer that question…

First off, blame Ryan. It was his idea.

Second, let me explain (because it is an awesome idea –– blind squirrels, etc.)

We record our Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast (PCSP) every Friday at 10 AM ET.

We just wrapped up Episode 25 with Jake Lowry, and we’ve had everyone from local coaches to UFC commentators to UFC fighters to Bellator fighters to local legends to local amateurs on the show.

You get the point. It’s a blast.

But Ryan noticed a trend.

Almost every Friday, Ryan and I end up snagging lunch somewhere in the area. Both of us are a little adventurous with our palates, and we always want to try the hottest place in *channels inner Yinzer* taaahhhnnnn. 

So why not combine the two Friday traditions?

This Friday, we attacked Brookline’s Oak Hill Post. I’ll have a thorough review on Oak Hill Post for our blog Monday, but for now, Imma let this picture do the talking:


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Oh yes.

So here’s the deal:

We want to hear your favorite HIDDEN GEM in Pittsburgh.

We know Primanti’s and Fat Heads and Tako and Bar Marco and, and, and…

Surprise us instead.

Give us somewhere you genuinely feel is undervalued and underrated in Pittsburgh.

Sure, we’re an MMA promotion. But we also love to eat and we love Pittsburgh.

Why not tie it all together, record the podcast on-location every Friday, and make this a super-special Yinzer celebration?

Some ground rules:

  • The spot has to be open at 10 AM (or willing to let us in early to record the podcast)
  • The spot has to be ~30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh (We love ya, Beaver County, but we’re not making a trip to New Brighton for this … yet.)
  • The spot has to be delicious.

That’s it.

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where we need to go. We’ll take it from there.

Every Monday, we’ll review the stop on our blog, and at the end of the year, we’ll unveil the PCSP Hidden Gem Award.

It’s like a Michelin star but way cooler, obviously.

Could the winner be your hidden gem?

The first person to nominate the winning establishment gets TWO FREE CAGESIDE TICKETS to our first Pittsburgh show of 2023.

Let’s get it!

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