Julian Flenory
Julian Flenory

The fifth fight scheduled on July 27th’s Brawl in the Burgh is a middle weight battle between two 1-0 fighters, Julian Flenory and Kyle Beaver. Who are these up and coming mma icons and where did the come from? Let’s take a quick peek…

Julian Flenory, born in New Kensington, PA, moved frequently throughout his childhood, attending 16 different schools.  Growing up in Las Vegas, poverty-ridden Gifford, Florida, and ultimately settling back in New Kensington, PA., Julian always had his mother and little brother by his side. Just like the tight bond he has with his family, competitive sports have always been a constant in his child and early adulthood.

At the age of 4, Julian began his love for sports when he started playing basketball and eventually football at age 7. He excelled in both sports throughout his middle and high school careers, ultimately earning him a football scholarship to Clarion University, where he recently graduated this spring.  While always having an interest and desire to be a professional boxer and to be esteemed among the greatest like Mike Tyson or Muhammed Ali, Julian boldly ended his college football career to follow this aspiration and to pursue Mixed Martial Arts exclusively.

Mike Brell, a good friend of Julian, saw something special in him. Not just anyone can be an MMA stud. Sure, he was a beast on the football field, but Julian Flenory had more. It’s more than just strength. It’s mental toughness. It’s dedication. And Brell encouraged Julian to begin his path into the cage.  Training began in 2015 at Stout Training Pittsburgh, and eventually finding on-campus guidance at Clarion MMA, where he trained under Leo Lefay for 2 years. During winter and summer break, Julian trained under and accredits much of his striking & unorthodox grappling to world renowned Black Belt professor, Stephen Whittier at SBG gym in Massachusetts. Landing at Mat Factory Wrestling Club, Julian recognizes the strides he has made under Isaac Greely, Chris Dempsey, Dom Mazzotta, Noah Devore, Matt Schaffer, & Jimmy Cerra. Since joining the Mat Factory, he has competed in 3 pro grappling events, accumulating a 2-1 record. 

Julian would like to further his passion by commentating & writing articles for MMA events. Growing up, fighting was something he endured on a daily basis, as a basic survival technique. Growing up without all of the advantages that he saw some others have, he has a passion to give back to the community, to help someone that was in his shoes growing up be able to overcome the difficulties of these hardships and give them hope. Julian Flenory has plans to work with his good friend – University of Pittsburgh WR Tre Tipton, with his L.O.V.E. Company in promoting opportunities to underprivileged children through mentoring, food drives, and awareness events.

Julian Flenory

“Helping the underprivileged community is something that I have always wanted to do. Growing up underprivileged & becoming a college graduate, I feel I have a story that can inspire others to persist through hardships & become successful in their own ways with guidance.”

Julian Flenory will step into the cage in a week and go to battle with Kyle Beaver, whose love for MMA started with his grandfather, Bill Spriegel. Spriegel would dedicate countless hours to teach his grandsons, Kyle and Brian, the ins and outs of submission wrestling during their elementary years and was the self-proclaimed “Man of a 1000 Holds.”. Introducing them to their first UFC event, Kyle can remember that as the exact moment he was hooked and it was inevitable that MMA was in his future. Kyle began wrestling in middle school and became team captain his senior year, ending up placing fourth in Pennsylvania state qualifiers and qualified for US national that year.  All came tumbling down when he became injured and could not compete further and he was denied the achievements he knew he could accomplish.  With this disappointment hanging over him,he was introduced to his first MMA gym by Mike Shul, who religiously drove Kyle to The Buffalo Training Center, training Muay Thai and BJJ.  That came to a sudden halt when Shul went into the Air Force and Kyle did not have consistent transportation in order to dedicate the time to train.  A year later, one of Kyle’s best friends, whom he took under his wing in wrestling, attended WNYMMA, formerly Victory, and brought him along.  Training for the first year just in Thai, he then started training BJJ under Mike Dauenhauer and that defining moment in his MMA career is when he committed to himself that he would become a state champion in BJJ and nothing would get in his way.  Dedication pushed him to train and spar hard daily and to compete in countless tournaments all across the north east.  Finally, his dedication paid off and he achieved what he committed to himself he would do by winning the NYS Grappling Championship, going on to win the NYS Grappling Championship again at a higher belt level.  Eventually making his MMA debut and winning by decision, he suffered a very serious injury requiring almost 6 months of therapy.  

Julian Flenory

Eventually Kyle Beaver made it back on the mat, and it was at a moment when he was rolling with Pat Mix, an 11-0 fighter currently in Bellator, that Kyle realized he had what it takes. “I was holding my own against him. So I entered the Canada national pro and I won it. I then went to NAGA worlds and took 4thand knew I could win it.”

Kyle has been completing in plenty of competitions and is now ready to get back into MMA.  “Now my sight is on Julian, a very talented individual, where I can test my skills with him.  We will battle and it will be a war….but I love wars.  So, Julian, it’s an honor, my friend, to share the cage with you.”

What will happen in the cage come July 27thbetween Julian Flenory and Kyle Beaver – two very promising prospects? You will have to be there to find out. Get your tickets now!

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