Brawl in the Burgh 4
Brawl in the Burgh 4

After a really tough 7 months of not having any shows or planning any shows, it is amazing to be preparing for two shows in the next 2 weeks! 7 months of being out of business after having a show cancelled on the day of the show was terrible. But we are back and we are back stronger than ever!

We are so excited to announce that, as of today, we have 11 fights signed for November 25th and the full 12 maximum signed for November 28th. 23 signed fights and another possibly on the way!

We have 29 fighters from Western PA/Morgantown area fighting Thanksgiving week! That is more local area fighters fighting in one week in Pittsburgh than EVER! And we have brought in talent from all over the region! We have:

29 – Western PA/Morgantown

3 – Eastern PA

4 – Ohio

1 – VA

5 – NY/NJ

1 – CT

2 – MD

1 – WI

There are two PRO fights, one ammy title fight and a women’s bout. Ladies and gentlemen, Pittsburgh MMA is turning the corner and growing in great ways. We project that within 6 years, there will be at least 6 fighters on these cards that will be in the UFC or Bellator.

Our first show is on the night before Thanksgiving – and the biggest party night of the year will be in Monroeville! Our all ages shows will be socially distant, everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times except for when they are seated and food and beverages will be served!

Great things are happening here with the local gyms, coaches and fighters. We are so happy to be a part of it and invite you to be a part of this young, rising crop of talented fighters that are exploding on the scene here at 247 Fighting Championships. Get your tickets right now at! 

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