Chase Boyde, Cody Reece

In the main event of the amateur card of Brawl in the Burgh 2, Chase Boyde and Cody Reece are set to throw down for our inaugural amateur welterweight championship. This fight is a match made in heaven and we cannot wait to see it go down. Both of these fighters come into this fight undefeated, with nine combined fights between them. Someone’s “0” has to go, and it gets even more interesting with gold on the line.

Red Corner- Chase Boyde

Representing Pittsburgh in this fight, Chase Boyde is ready to fight for the first title fight in his young career. At just 20 years old, Boyde is already 4-0 with three of his wins coming via stoppage. Boyde’s top level jiu-jitsu skills make him a serious threat if/when the fight hits the mat.

“I started fighting because I was picked on at a younger age for being smaller and not being well off,” Boyde said. At age 15, he started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Rodrigo Junqueira. Due to financial problems, Chase Boyde had to make the switch to Fusion Fighting. There, he would win numerous jiu-jitsu tournaments, as well as his first two MMA fights.

Chase Boyde

After leaving Fusion Fighting, Chase Boyde would switch to Armezzani Jiu-Jitsu, which is where he still trains. Since making the switch, Boyde has won two more fights, one via knockout and the other by submission. It’s clear that jiu-jitsu has played a huge part in his MMA career. He is absolutely a dangerous threat in the submission department.

“I never really wanted to fight for a title”

Fighting for a title is humbling to Chase. “I never really wanted to fight for a title only having four fights,” he said. “But no one wants to fight me. I call guys out all the time and they just see me as the plague. Winning this title will put the target on my back that I need to get tougher fights,” he continued.

“Cody Reece is a huge name and tough opponent. In the south he’s ranked number one in three weight classes, but I’m gonna show him why the South came second in the Civil War.”

When it comes to fighting in front of a hometown crowd, Boyde is “Pretty jacked.” He added, “Pittsburgh fans are always loud and support their hometown guy so I’m pretty excited.” We are “pretty jacked” to be able to feature Chase Boyde on this card.

Blue Corner- Cody Reece

Across the cage from Chase Boyde on November 16 will be Cody Reece, who enters this fight with sky-high confidence and expectations. Like Boyde, he enters this fight undefeated. 5-0 at the young age of 22, Reece has two wins via submission and two more by way of knockout. Cody Reece is a well-rounded fighter and will be comfortable wherever the fight goes.

One thing Reece really enjoys about being an MMA fighter is being able to travel around the country to fight. “I was that kid that was the oldest in my family and had a father and mother that worked hard to put food on the table and a roof over my family’s head. We weren’t able to be that family that traveled a lot, so I wasn’t able to see new places until now because of MMA,” he said.

Cody Reece described his beginnings in MMA as “not the prettiest thing.” In college, he was a football player. But, when his father passed, Reece come home and help his mother take care of his brothers. “I started going down the wrong pathway. But with the help of my wife and MMA I was able to pull out of the darkest times and on the better pathway that I am on today,” Reece said.

“I want to be the best”

Cody Reece

Being from North Carolina, Reece is appreciative of the opportunity to be able to fight for a title in Pittsburgh. “It means a lot to me. It shows that I am a hard worker and that promotions are wanting the best fighters to fight on big cards. I want to be the best so that means I have to beat the best fighters.” That’s certainly the case being matched against Chase Boyde.

As for fighting in Pittsburgh, Cody Reece thinks he fits in well with the city, but doesn’t expect to have a lot of fans. “Pittsburgh is a blue collar city and I grew up in a blue collar family. I’m a family man; I have a little girl and a wife that works hard so I can fight for a living,” Reece said. “For me to have fans in Pittsburgh, I don’t see it happening. I am a young lion trying to take on a whole new territory. If Pittsburgh wants to cheer for me, then great. But I already have a title in a different territory.”

Reece is in no hurry to advance to the next stage of his career and go pro, though he thinks it will happen soon. “I can go pro now but I will take my time,” he said. “I’m very young in the fight game and when my coaches think I’m ready, then I’ll go pro. I have a goal age of 24,” Reece continued. “Right now I’m looking for hard fights, guys that are undefeated and guys that are true killers.”

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Both guys come into this fight ready to make a statement and show why they are the next big thing. There’s no doubt that this fight will feature action and fireworks. To purchase tickets to watch Chase Boyde, Cody Reece, and this massive card at #BitB2, visit to order tickets.

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