Brawl in the Burgh 14 was nuts.

From start to finish, the stacked pro-am fight card brought the Hollywood Casino at the Meadows Event Center to its feet.

And while each fight delivered plenty of hype-inducing moments, some highlights stand out over others.

Today, I’m going to break down what think were the five craziest moments at Brawl in the Burgh 14.


Disagree? Leave a comment! Let’s talk about this hot-fire fight card.

Annnnnnnd here we go:

5. This Slam Was Cold 

Indio Dojo’s Ken Burrs gave 247 FC owner Ryan Middleton some elite dad-joke ammo in the pre-fight lead-up.

If you missed that clip, here you go. Also, I’m sorry you have to hear that.

That said, the jokes ended when Burrs took the cage to face Connellsville’s Jayson Mulnix in the second fight of the night at Brawl in the Burgh 14.

Mulnix displayed some crisp striking and nice potential for an amateur debut in this one, but the story of the fight was Burrs’ wrestling.

A former D3 wrestling standout at Waynesburg University, Burrs is a problem once he gets his hands on you.

Mulnix learned this the hard (and painful) way.

I particularly enjoy the reaction from Burrs’ coach, the legendary Danillo Villefort, in the corner on this one. Check him out (gray hoodie), courtesy of our photographer Paul Luc:

Good stuff.

4. Lucas Seibert Just Did That

Wrestling, dudes.

That’s the message here: Wrestling.

That’s all I even gotta say about this highlight from Lucas Seibert’s unanimous decision win over Theodore Savitt.

I could try to do it justice, but this gif speaks louder than words:

Freaking wrestlers, man.

Kid has a future in front of him. Stay tuned.

3. Hoot Lee vs. Dan Walters

Can an entire fight be an “insane moment”?

Because uhh… this fight. Holy crap.

Indio Dojo’s Clayton “Hoot” Lee took on High Ground Jiu-Jitsu’s Dan Walters in our fourth fight of the night. The energy inside the Hollywood Casino at the Meadows Event Center was never the same.

From that point on, the crowd entered turbo-mode, and it’s all thanks to Lee and Walters biting down on their mouthpieces and throwing down for three full rounds.


Lee eventually took home the decision victory, but this is one of those fights that neither man lost. As amateurs, these are exactly the type of fights that give you the experience and tape to run back, learn from, and come back stronger.

Even better, both fighters were actually disappointed in their performances. These two have bright, bright futures ahead of them.

Commentator and former 247 FC amateur middleweight champion Cole Macek even noted that it looked like a low-level pro fight at times. That’s how advanced these two looked, despite just one fight of experience between them.

Huge. Look out for both of them moving forward.

2. Dem Finishes Doe

It’s always hard to ignore a great knockout or submission –– and Brawl in the Burgh 14 brought both to the table in full.

First up was Miguel Francisco with this beautiful fight-finishing sequence against Awstin Martinez in the night’s lone advanced amateur bout.

Initially, Francisco set up the triangle, but he sensed Martinez defending and transitioned perfectly to the armbar.

Moments later, the fight was a wrap:

That’s gorgeous stuff, no doubt to the delight of his coaches on site: the Academy’s David Sachs and Stout PGH’s Mike Wilkins and Will Morrill.

West Virginia’s Tom Kizer must’ve been inspired by Francisco’s finish just one fight before his own.

Facing Ohio’s Damoane Hawkins in a rematch of their Brawl in the Burgh 9 amateur welterweight title fight, Kizer decided to take a different route.

Previously, he finished Hawkins via third-round submission. Now, however, the two squared off in their respective pro debuts –– and Kizer couldn’t wait to show off his new tricks.

About halfway through Round 1, this happened:

That’s a crushing elbow, friends.

It got even better after the fight. Hawkins was in good spirits after the bout, and he and Kizer shared some laughs at the 247 FC afterparty at Bacon, Bourbon, and Beer.

Good sportsmanship always wins in the end, and these two certainly earned each other’s respect through two tangles inside the steel cage. That was awesome to see.

1. Khama Worthy lays down the gloves

There was no other choice for No. 1.

You knew it was coming. And here it is.

Following his split-decision victory over Josh Rohler in the Brawl in the Burgh 14 main event, Pittsburgh MMA legend Khama Worthy called it a career.

Worthy finishes his pro MMA journey at 19-10 (5-0 with 247 FC). He made it to the UFC, where he went 2-3 from August of 2019 to October of 2021.

That UFC run included an Upset of the Year knockout over Devonte Smith in his promotional debut and a wicked guillotine finish of Luis Pena in his sophomore appearance.

Worthy set out to do the damn thing back in February of 2009.

Nearly 14 years later, he can comfortably say he accomplished that goal. He retires as one of the most accomplished pro MMA fighters in Pittsburgh’s history.



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