Holm Cyborg UFC 219

Hi. Welcome to Today In MMA. We never know if we are supposed to capitalize the I in the word “In” when we say Today In MMA. Like, it’s a proper noun and all but it’s also a transition word. What to do with these difficult decisions. Holm Cyborg UFC 219.

Just to warn you, today was an insane day in MMA. Or should I say Day In MMA. Whatever.

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  • Holm Cyborg UFC 219 – Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg has been, thankfully, made official for UFC 219. It is likely that the UFC had to part ways with money that they otherwise would not have wanted to part with but the ball was certainly in the court of Cyborg and Holm. Rumors had Holm being very difficult and asking for an unreasonable amount to take this fight. Well, either she caved or the UFC caved, and possibly both, because this fight is now official for the year-end bout on Dec. 30th in Las Vegas, NV. Holm Cyborg UFC 219

    Holm Cyborg UFC 219

  • Fabricio Werdum has charges pressed against him by Colby Covington after he went berzerk and attacked Covington at the hotel in Australia that both are staying at in advance of their fights tomorrow night.  Werdum has been acting very strangely beginning with his UFC 203 victory over Travis Brown in Cleveland, OH. He is getting progressively worse with each incident, however. Let’s hope that he makes it out of Australia without an arrest.
  • Supposedly, the only thing stopping Tyron Woodley and Nate Diaz from going on at UFC 219 is Diaz has not yet signed the contract. Woodley has said that he has signed off on the bout and is simply waiting for Diaz to accept the challenge. This would result in a phenomenal main and co-main event for this card and would help the UFC rebound from a very difficult 2017 that saw PPV number plummet with the exception of UFC 217. UFC 217 saw the return of Georges St. Pierre
  • Colby Covingington has gotten under the skin of Jon “Bones” Jones as well as Fabricio Werdum. Jones went on twitter to blast Covington and Covington blasted right back. This is very strange to me. Who doesn’t understand creating heat and interest in a fight in 2017? Why would anyone inside the business take this stuff personally, for real?

    Holm Cyborg UFC 219


  • Fighters in Australia can’t make weight. 4 of them missed. I never understand when fighters sign contracts to show up at a certain time, at a certain place to get paid a certain amount of money and weight a certain amount. Then they don’t. Am I missing something here. Is there someone we don’t know about forcing fighters to sign contracts to make weights against their will? It’s unprofessional. Enough said.

Okay, time to resume watching Bellator 188! Goodnight friends!

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