Today In MMA – Conor at Bellator, Sage Northcutt, Paulo Costa

It’s been said plenty of times that, once the weekend is over and it’s time to go back to work or school, you get the Monday morning blues.  The sports world can sometimes distract us from the daily grind.  Conor McGregor, quite often, finds himself in the news.  He boxed professionally for the first time in August, but it’s been a year since he entered the cage for UFC and an actual bout.  You’ve probably heard by now his crazy antics.  There’s been plenty of commentary on what he did at a Bellator event in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend.  But there are good guys out there.  We’re not saying Conor McGregor is a bad guy, but there are athletes who want to be a positive role model all the time.  Drop into the snippets and tidbits to see what we’re talking about, on both sides.

Today In MMA – Conor at Bellator, Sage Northcutt, Paulo Costa
    • Anderson Silva just failed another test for USADA and was pulled from the card where he was to square off against Kelvin Gastelum.  We’re not saying he’s a bad guy and Michael Bisping, who is replacing him on the card, is a bad guy also, but Brazil is taking notice and someone has spoken up.  Paulo Costa might be one of the good guys.  Paulo Costa says that “Brazil needs a new hero”.  He just won his last fight at UFC 217 against Johny Hendricks, the former UFC Welterweight Champ.  Vitor Belfort, like Hendricks, has seen a dramatic change to his once chiseled physique since USADA and the UFC began working together.  Paulo Costa did not publicly state PED’s tainted the Brazillian legends’ image, but he basically said as much without using those words, as reported here.

Today In MMA – Conor at Bellator, Sage Northcutt, Paulo Costa

  • Sage Northcutt would probably tell you his story is not about him, but about his God.  He’s not shy when it comes to sharing his faith, as you can see here at his most recent post fight ring interview.  Jeremiah 29:11 was the passage from the Bible that he quoted.  Sage Northcutt has a pretty simple message and it was about another good guy.  We’d call Sage Northcutt a good guy.

Today In MMA – Conor at Bellator, Sage Northcutt, Paulo Costa

Matt Brown had said prior to his fight on Saturday night, at UFC Fight Night 120, that it was going to be his last. His KO finish of Diego Sanchez should be His swan song. His wife and kids were in attendance and, after the fight was over, he brought his two boys into the ring with him. Good guys don’t finish last. But “The Immortal” had every intention (his words) of him riding off into the sunset. Other people have plans for him, though. How far this goes, only time will tell. But Siyar Bahadurzada called out Matt Brown. Now what? We’re happy either way. Matt Brown is a good guy.

Matt Brown Fight Night 120


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