Pittsburgh WMMA

When we had our inaugural fight card, Steeltown Throwdown, in April, we were hoping to represent Pittsburgh WMMA on the card. We were actually planning on Sydney Ross fighting on the card but things did not end up happening.

Women’s MMA is special. Pittsburgh WMMA is super special. Everyone knows it. Everyone asks if there are any female fights on the card. This time, at Brawl in the Burgh, that answer is a resounding YES!

Why do people love women’s MMA? Well, oftentimes, these are the fights that are the most memorable. There is something special about seeing two highly trained female athletes doing battle in the cage. This is not just coming from males, but females are just as passionate about women’s MMA.

A recent show that I was a part of prior to launching 247 FC had a couple women’s bouts and those were what everyone was talking about afterward. Actually, Sydney Ross was one of the fighters that everyone was talking about. People were so impressed by how she handled herself… and she was 18 at the time and it was her MMA debut! I’ll never forget my mom talking about how awesome that little girl was. Needless to say, my mom, who never watched MMA before in her life, is now a big fan of Pittsburgh WMMA.

Sydney is now at the ripe old age of 19 as she gets ready to do battle in her 5th MMA bout. Sydney has had her eyes set on MMA for a very long time. As a matter of fact, Sydney was absolutely heartbroken and devastated… she cried… when she heard Dana White say that women would never fight in the UFC. She was just shy of 12 years old at the time. Seems like just yesterday to an old man like me. Now I’m promoting Pittsburgh WMMA!

Pittsburgh WMMA

So Sydney will face her counterpart in Amber Blevins, who matches Syd’s 2-2 record. Just like Sydney, Amber came out of the gates fast, winning both of her first two bouts, submitting both of her foes in the first round. Then Amber faced some challenges that she came up on the short end of, and has been working on her game in the interim.

Both of these ladies have such a great future and neither one SHOULD be in a position to have a losing record, but one will walk away 3-2 and the other 2-3. Both girls will be desperate to stay on the winning side of things. I expect fireworks!

Meghan Williams is a mainstay in women’s MMA in Pittsburgh. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Meghan on that same card as well, the night that she picked up her first MMA win after losing two earlier decisions. She was finally not he winning end of one of those decisions.

Meghan is particularly excited for this fight because its the first time she gets to fight in front of the hometown fans with a ruleset that will be helpful to her… she will no longer have to wear shinguards and there is ground n pound allowed, as she now competes as an advanced amateur. She talked a lot more about that here.

Pittsburgh WMMA

Her opponent, Katie Perez, is on a tear. She won her first two fights by submission, then got caught in an armbar herself, and most recently got a HUGE win against a very highly ranked and regarded Alejandra Betancourt. This will be her first time on the Pittsburgh WMMA scene.

These two are going to be an absolute war!

Finally, we snagged another great local fighter. Even though she’s from West Virginia… Pittsburgh MMA fans have plenty of hometown love for Cheyenne Hall. Cheyenne has been applying her craft for a couple years now, and the full-time pharmacist, or as she’s known to her team, “Harmacist”, is eager to get her MMA career back on track. She has taken some Muay Thai fights but, ultimately, she desires to complete in MMA.

Pittsburgh WMMA

She is matched up against a Michigan Top Team newcomer, Mariam Salmassi. Coming from a big and tough gym like Michigan Top Team, there is little doubt that Cheyenne will have her hands full in this one!

So there you have it… our first foray into woman’s MMA and we have three huge and fantastic WMMA matches for you!

This night is going to be epic. Seriously, there are going to be people that decide they don’t have the money to go or other plans get in the way… and they are going to regret it. This is the show to be at and to check out. Just ask Meghan, Sydney and Cheyenne!

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