Octagon 24/7 Back!

It feels so good to be back! We’ve missed you. You’ve missed us. Pittsburgh MMA just hasn’t been the same since we last saw you. We are thrilled to have Octagon 24/7 back!

We will be back with our weekly podcasts and back with blogs and MMA content that you are looking for. Octagon 24/7 2.0, as we like to call it. We have a new partner who you will get to know. We have a revised and focused vision on bringing you everything you could want from a Pittsburgh MMA site.

The Past – Octagon 24/7 Back!

Originally as a site and a podcast, we were focused on the big shows. Primarily UFC. We discussed the UFC almost exclusively, with the exception of some very noteworthy other MMA news. As we continued on the journey, our eyes were opened to the amazing world of MMA right here in our own backyard. People like Dominic Mazzotta, Mark Cherico, Mike Wilkins and Ethan Goss, just to name a few, became regular conversation topic at Octagon 24/7. Octagon 24/7 back!

Octagon 24/7 back

The Present and Future – Octagon 24/7 Back!

Now, there is an exciting new gang of local talent that is making waves in regional MMA. Fighters like Fadi Shuman, Dalton Rosta and Sydney Ross are the talk of the town with their impressive performances in recent MMA shows. Guys like Josh Fremd and Nick Browne continue to improve each and every fight, catching more attention from the bigger promotions. Pittsburgh and regional favorites like Khama Worthy and John de Jesus continue to take on all challengers and are constantly improving.

We will be a mix of everything you love about MMA. The UFC. Conor McGregor discussion. Brock Lesnar debates. Bellator signings. Covering live Bellator events. Extensive coverage of live regional events. Analysis of  UFC events. Hearing from the great gang of fighters that are right here in Octagon 24/7’s backyard. Octagon 24/7 back!

We look forward to serving the MMA community with content that you can’t get anywhere else. We are back and we are excited about it!

Be sure to check out all of our latest MMA articles at Octagon 24/7 !

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