OK, Oak Hill Post. I get it now.

For months, I followed Oak Hill Post on Instagram.

It’s beautiful.

…and it’s torture.

Seriously, imagine going about your day and suddenly this slaps you in the face:


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You can’t just not crave a cheeseburger now. It’s the kinda post that alters the trajectory of your day.

So while I appreciated Oak Hill Posts’ Instagram game, I never actually made the trip to sample the goods for myself.

Until Friday.

After recording Episode 25 of the Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast with Jake Lowry, I bounced out of the house to meet Ryan and photographer/videographer Paul Luc for some grub.

At Oak Hill Post.

Finally. We settled in, checked out the menu, placed our orders, and took a seat.

My order:

  • Breakfast smash, add a smash patty, add bacon
  • Shoestring fries with burger sauce
  • Arnold Palmer

Quick side note: How difficult is it to say “Arnold Palmer”? Why is that so tricky?

I felt ridiculous trying to order it –– then the cashier completely butchered it when trying to repeat the order. Made me feel a lot better.

Go ahead. Say it out loud. It’s weird.


The food came moments later, and yeah. I’ll just leave this here:


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Unreal. For those keeping track at home that’s:

  • two smash patties
  • dippy egg
  • American cheese
  • bacon
  • burger sauce
  • pickles
  • on a buttermilk biscuit


The patties were juicy and seasoned perfectly with those crispy, salty edges only a smash burger can truly nail.

That said, the biscuit was a little crumbly (as expected) so this thing became an absolute mess halfway through. No big deal to me, but if you can’t handle a little yolk and grease on your hands, grab a fork and a knife before digging into this beast.

So, Hunter, where does it rank?

I’m obsessed with rankings, so of course, I gotta put this in context.

It is, without question, one of the best burgers in Pittsburgh. I prefer smash burgers in general, so that gives it an instant advantage.

For me, Oak Hill Post slides into No. 2 in the city. Number one?

Cinderlands’ smashed wagyu burger, add egg, add pork belly.

To be fair, I still need to try Moonlit Burgers. It looks like they could steal the show.

Regardless, the point remains: Oak Hill Post is elite. We’re kicking off this hidden gems series in style with that one.

What’s YOUR Pittsburgh hidden gem? We’re giving away TWO CAGESIDE TICKETS to whoever nominates the BEST underrated and underappreciated spot in the city.

Read this post for the full details.

We’ll visit a new location every Friday to record the Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast then follow up with a post on Monday. Let’s have some fun.

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