Stout PGH’s Mike Wilkins & Will Morrill know a thing or two about fighting.

I mean, there’s a reason the Stout PGH fight team went 13-1 with 247 Fighting Championships in 2022. And a reason Wilkins and Morrill won Coaches of the Year.

And a reason their fighter, Josh Visokey, had the knockout of the year.

And a reason Stout PGH won Gym of the Year, too.

You saw the awards show, right? Riggggghhhht? (Watch it here if you haven’t, you heathen.)

Fresh off their impressive performance at the 2022 247 FC Awards, Wilkins and Morrill stopped into the 247 Live studio to discuss their coaching methods, the growth of Stout PGH, and so, so much more.

This one is awesome, ladies and gentlemen.

Watch the full show now on 247 Live, or listen to the audio-only version below.

Sure, it’s available on any computer or phone, but you can also watch via the 247 Live app on Roku, Apple TV, and iOS.

We recommend the apps.

Buckle up and enjoy the show.


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