Mayweather McGregor Toronto Press Conference Recap

Mayweather McGregor Toronto Press Conference Recap – Round 2 of the 4-city tour took place in Toronto, Ontario and it was twice the excitement we saw in Los Angeles. With an unknown format in front of him in California, Conor McGregor was off his usual game, but the pro-McGregor crowd carried him through to match Mayweather. That was not the case in Toronto. McGregor knew what to expect and, in front of an overwhelming McGregor fan base, Floyd was overmatched.

Everything he said and did drew roaring ovations and chants while Mayweather dealt with boos drowning out a lot of what he had to say. MMA fans and fighters tuned in and here’s what they had to say.

Round 3 of the tour is today in Brooklyn, NY. You can be certain to have another pro-McGregor crowd, with this one being more raucous than Toronto ….. if that’s even possible. Get the popcorn ready early.

Click HERE if you want to watch the 3rd round live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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