Does the name ‘Mayhem MMA’ sound familiar?

Yeah, that was a trick question. Sorry about it.

You probably don’t recognize that gym –– and that’s because they’re a brand-new outfit up in Franklin, PA.

If “Mayhem MMA” didn’t ring a bell today, it will after our next event, April 16’s Brawl in the Burgh 11 at the Monroeville Convention Center.


The amateur fight card features two Mayhem MMA fighters –– heavyweight Dacoda Warnick and featherweight Ty’Shon Law –– providing the team an opportunity to make a big splash in its 247 FC debut.

Matt-Vanderhoff-Dacoda-Warnick-squareSo why am I writing an entire blog post about them?

I’m glad you asked.

Mayhem MMA’s emergence is important for several reasons. Our mission at 247 Fighting Championships is to help grow the combat sports community in Western PA and, eventually, beyond.

But we know this all starts right here at home.

More competition is a good thing. More fighters? Also a good thing.

You might remember the blog post I wrote back in January highlighting six Pittsburgh-area gyms to kickstart your fighting journey.

The point of that post was not just to provide a resource for someone looking to start training but to showcase the abundance of talented instruction and coaching available everywhere you look in the Steel City.

Mayhem MMA throwing its hat into that mix does nothing but provide more options, more variety, and more possibilities as we move forward.

And at BitB11, we’ll get a taste of things to come.

It’s important to note this is just the beginning for them. They could go 2-0, they could go 0-2, or they could go 1-1 inside the Monroeville Convention Center. In a sport as unpredictable as MMA, each option is equally likely.

Fact is, owner and head coach Sean Hartle understands they have work to do –– and he’s embracing that challenge. Besides the two fighters competing at BitB11, he’s building a solid stable of fighters up there in Franklin.

As they progress through their amateur careers, we’ll almost certainly see one (or more!) of them emerge as a key name to keep an eye on moving forward.

Again, that’s exciting –– not just for us, but for fans and for the MMA community here as a whole.


So when the lights go down April 16 and our ring announcer bellows “Representing Mayhem MMA,” take a second to appreciate what it means for the scene here.

Pittsburgh’s combat sports landscape is growing every day, ladies and gentlemen.

And we’re more than happy to help conduct that train.

About the author : Hunter Homistek

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