Mark Cherico Attacked by Antonio Castillo On Twitter

Mark Cherico Attacked

Mark Cherico Attacked (Twitter) – Let’s tell the story in simple terms. We have two fighters. They don’t like each other. They fight. It ends with a freak ankle break. It seems their beef is squashed.

That is, until fighter with broken ankle comes back from it a year later, gets a huge win and in his post-fight speech, calls out the other in his post fight in cage interview by calling him a term which is properly defined as a female dog.

And then all bets are off. So is the situation that came to a head Monday night in a twitter war between “The Pride of Bloomfield” Mark Cherico, and his arch nemesis, “The Mexican Muscle” Antonio Castillo Jr. Take this as a warning, the content of this site is usually fit for all audiences, but not this article.

It has been rumored that Castillo and Cherico were in line for a rematch at the much anticipated return of MMA in Pittsburgh, at Pinnacle FC 16 at Printscape Arena in Southpointe, Canonsburg, PA on March 24th. That appears to no longer be the case.

Clearly a jab at Cherico, who saw the tweet and responded.

Matt Leyshock is the “point man” at Pinnacle Fighting Championships. Cherico saying that Castillo asked for a rematch was after Castillo’s big win over Frank Caraballo in a big rematch.

Castillo was actually referring to Octagon 24/7’s interview with Cherico.

It certainly is interesting seeing these two go back and forth. Unfortunately, it does not sound like a rematch is still on the table.

That shouldn’t stop this rivalry from continuing. Perhaps these two will see each other on a future Pinnacle FC card or perhaps even sooner, as Cherico is known to train and corner fighters…

So what are you thoughts? Do you want Castillo to be on this Pinnacle card?

The Cherico/Castillo story

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