So you pulled the trigger and decided to attend a local MMA event.

Smart decision.

While some MMA fans dabble only at the most mainstream levels of the sport, watching UFC pay-per-view events and high-profile Bellator MMA cards, others want a deeper, more intimate look at the glorious sport of mixed martial arts.

That’s where local MMA comes into play.

Not only does a local MMA show provide an exciting and entertaining night out, it also gives MMA fans a glimpse of the future of the sport in a way the big-time shows simply can’t replicate.

But don’t just take that from me. Listen to legendary UFC commentator Jon Anik discuss the appeal of the local MMA scene on the Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast:

Anik gets it. Local MMA rules.

Still, your first event can be intimidating, so what should you expect when you finally snag tickets to a local MMA show? Let’s break it down.

1. It. Gets. Loud.

And I don’t just mean the crowd.

Sure, the audience gets crazy, and I probably got tinnitus from the chants of LOW-RY! LOW-RY! at Brawl in the Burgh 8, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about here.

Yes, local MMA shows bring that electric atmosphere you may know from smaller concerts or club shows, but it’s the action inside the cage that will surprise you with its sheer power and volume.

A huge slam practically rattles the venue, and a strong body kick generates a sickening sound you just can’t miss. It’s definitely possible to appreciate the force and athleticism of fighters on TV. But when you experience it in person, everything gets cranked to 11.

2. Ready to meet some fighters?

If you’re expecting to meet fighters and coaches at the show, well…

You’re right.

One of the major benefits of the smaller, more intimate atmosphere is the likelihood of bumping into a fighter or a coach in the crowd. You’ll almost definitely be able to personally congratulate your favorite fighter after a big win, and you’ll probably be able to get a picture or 20, as well.

Beyond the fighters and coaches competing on a given evening, though, you’ll see athletes aplenty in the crowd supporting friends and teammates. At a 247 Fighting Championships show, you’ll regularly find former UFC and/or Bellator studs such as Chris Dempsey, Dominic Mazzotta, Khama Worthy, John De Jesus, and Adam Milstead mingling with fans.

Out-of-town coaches such as Glover Teixeira and Corey Anderson (heard of them?) have been to our shows, too, and they’re always more than happy to stop and say hi.

Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to meet a celebrity or two.

3. It’s Family-Friendly!

I know, I know.

The stereotype of the sport says the crowd should be a bunch of rowdy JUST BLEED! guys walking around in Affliction shirts and spilling beer.

That’s just not the case.

We pride ourselves on hosting all-ages, family-friendly shows. Sure, the atmosphere can get a little rowdy and excited, but it’s always in a fun, positive fashion. As former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight Adam Milstead was telling me on the podcast, acting aggressively at a local MMA show isn’t just rude … it’s dumb.

As we mentioned in point No. 2, you literally never know who could be sitting near you or around you. The guy you’re picking a fight with –– or his best friend sitting next to him –– might be a trained pro.

We do serve alcohol at our shows, but we’re always mindful of keeping it clean and respectful both inside and outside the cage. We encourage you to bring the whole family without worry!

Our next event, Brawl in the Burgh 10, goes down Feb. 5 at the Monroeville Convention Center. Tickets go on sale soon. Bookmark this page and get ready.

About the author : Hunter Homistek

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