Live Conor McGregor Media Day Workout – Join us right here at Friday, August 11th for the Conor McGregor Media Day Workout! The feed is scheduled to begin at 5:30PM Eastern, however, the expected start time of the workout is not until 6:15PM or later.

** Update – It’s 6:25PM and you have not missed anything yet, as has been the usual, there is a late start. Stay here, the live feed will begin shortly!

Conor McGregor enters the ring for a boxing contest for the very first time. Boxing experts and prognosticators have predicted a complete domination by the aging legend, the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather.Live Conor McGregor Media Day Workout

Although few are giving McGregor a chance, he has, time and time again, done things that were unthinkable. From taking the UFC by storm with his quick wit and mic skills to getting into the octagon and proving to be far more than any of his opponents have been able to handle (outside of his close rivalry again Nate Diaz), Conor McGregor has captured the hearts of fans across this country, continent and globe. No mixed martial artist has brought such a magnetic personality, combined with a skillset that is at the top of the game, to this sport and been able to capture the attention of the fans and media alike quite the way that Conor has. Live Conor McGregor Media Day Workout

Floyd Mayweather has been at the top of the boxing world for 20+ years. Often criticized for being a “boring” boxer, or a defensive boxer, there is no mistaking the greatness of Mayweather. He has consistently battered, confused and frustrated his opponents with a style that none have been able to solve.

Some have said he has trouble against lefties (which Conor is), Mayweather correctly points out that his record shows that he is undefeated against left handers.

Some of the questions to consider as we prepare to watch this historic bout on August 26th:

  • Has Floyd’s age slowed him down any?
  • Will it affect his stamina? Endurance?
  • How much could Conor have possibly learned about boxing in such a short period of time?
  • Is there a way for Conor to win this fight via decision?
  • Will Floyd come out defensive or will he open up earlier against this much less experience opponent?
  • Can Conor get to Floyd early?
  • Will the mind games enter the equation during the fight?
  • Conor has been in all of his previous opponents heads as most have admitted, will he be able to get in Floyd’s head?

Live Conor McGregor Media Day Workout

What are your thoughts? How does this fight end? Let us know in the comments!!!!