Julian Flenory, Jarrion Manning

With Brawl in the Burgh 2 a little more than weeks out, we are ready to take a closer look at two more young beasts that will be featured on the card. Julian Flenory takes on Jarrion Manning in a fight between two explosive athletes looking to make a statement. This contest has fight of the night written all over it, and will have the crowd at Printscape Arena on their feet from start to finish.

Red Corner- Julian Flenory

Fighting out of The Mat Factory, Julian Flenory will join two other teammates on the #BrawlInTheBurgh2 fight card. Due a rough childhood with many location changes, fighting is something that has been with Flenory for awhile now. “Fighting was almost an everyday experience living in Las Vegas, Nevada and Vero Beach, Florida,” he said. Julian Flenory has great passion for combat sports, but there was a different sport that he took up to help him get an education.

Clarion University

Flenory attended Clarion University and was on the football team. Clarion is also where he started training MMA. He feels his time as a football player will help him tremendously throughout his MMA career. “I think the strength and conditioning (in football) helped me a lot because I’m always the more explosive athlete in my match-ups,” Flenory said. As a football player, he weighed over 250 pounds and could squat over 600 pounds. Now, as a 185 pound fighter, he feels that he maintained a lot of that strength, making him a physical freak for his weight class.

Another way that Julian Flenory feels his athletic career will help him as a fighter is when it comes to handling pressure. He has played football in front of 6,000 fans and basketball in front of 3,000 fans, so he knows how to deal with a big crowd. “Hopefully one day I get to a setting of fighting in front of thousands,” he added. With his athletic background, Julian Flenory has all the potential of a star in the making.

“I’m an Electrifying Fighter”

Flenory feels his match-up with Jarrion Manning is full of potential to be a fun fight. “We’re two big, explosive athletes that have a lot of support behind us that not a lot of fighters have. I expect our fight to have a lot of noise and many in attendance for both of us.”

With such a huge opportunity in front of him, Julian Flenory recognizes he can make a statement in this fight. “The message I want to leave in fans’ minds after I win on November 16th is that I’m an electrifying fighter that puts it all out there. The fans will respect the dog in me from start to finish. They’ll see my abilities. That I have been working hard and see the start of a career of a future world champion,” he said. An explosive athlete, thrives under pressure AND coming into his fight looking to start a run towards a world championship. What more could fans ask for?

Blue Corner- Jarrion Manning

Standing on the opposite side of the cage from Julian Flenory will be 27-year old Jarrion Manning. Set to make his MMA debut, Manning is also a proven athletic beast and will not be intimidated by Flenory’s credentials. 12 years of football, and running track at Winthrop University, has adequately prepared Jarrion Manning to be an elite athlete. “Both experiences taught me what it means to push through obstacles both outside of my control and within. Being a martial artist takes a type of drive that needs to be honed. Growing up in sports has given me that drive,” Manning said. The athletic potential is really off the charts in this match-up.

“I’m Here to Dominate and Make a Career

Some people might think that 27 years old is too late to be starting an MMA career. Despite that sentiment, Manning actually feels he has an advantage by starting the sport later than most people do. “There are athletes like Yoel Romero and Daniel Cormier that made a killing into their 40’s. My body is tuned athletically and I’m a sponge when it comes to training. I use my IQ when I fight on top of that. I’m not here to BS brawl and injure myself. I’m here to dominate and make a career.” Manning thinks that the extra time to perfect his craft makes him a serious threat in the cage. We can’t wait to see him in there with Julian Flenory!

Training at Indio Dojo

Training out of Indio Dojo (like his teammate Dylan Dzikowski), Jarrion Manning is very pleased with his preparation ahead of this fight. “Sensei has been amazing. The team is stepping up and giving me good work. I wouldn’t be where I am or feel as confident as I do without them. I couldn’t ask for a better camp,” Manning said of his team.

When asked where he seems himself in five years, Manning had a confident answer. “I see myself with a belt from 247, and working my way to a title shot at the next level. The sky is the limit for anyone with enough heart, discipline, and skill to compete. I know I’ve got all three.”

Both of these young and hungry top-level athletes are excited for this fight, and we couldn’t be happier to have it taking place in our cage. You will not want to miss out on this fight between Julian Flenory and Jarrion Manning, as well as all of the other great fights that make up our year-end sh

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