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July 27th brings us Brawl in the Burgh. One of the matchups that has a great deal of buzz is Lyndon Eli Hawkins going to battle against Jahron Mendoza – Hawkins vs Mendoza. If you are looking for a standup battle, we expect this one to be just what the doctor ordered!

Hawkins vs. Mendoza

Lyndon Hawkins comes into this fight as a 34 year old fighter who made his amateur MMA debut in March. He took on a 3-0 fighter and came up short, losing a decision.

Not very traditional for an MMA debut in any sense, and non-traditional would be a great way to describe this modest, hard-working fighter out of Ground Zero Fighting Systems in Morgantown, WV. Lyndon Hawkins describes himself as “raised by television”, which was a “window to a world where problems could seem insurmountable but the characters would sometimes even run head on towards what seemed like sure destruction and somehow overcome incredible odds.” Hawkins vs Mendoza.

Hawkins vs. Mendoza

Lyndon did well in school and, coupled with his sarcastic personality, and being tall and skinny, did not always make for the best combination in Lyndon’s eyes. His smart attitude could lead to physical trouble, so Lyndon quickly learned that being physically tough was going to be important.

He was a student of the fight game as a youngster, learning as much as he could along with his brothers, and they all fell in love with training. All continue to train and fight.

Lyndon sees himself as the perpetual underdog. It is bullies that have led him to learn how to defend himself and give him his inspiration. Lyndon is always looking to challenge himself… to go after challenging fights and not look for a good matchup or what seems to be an “easy” fight. He is coming prepared to fight back on behalf of all the times he couldn’t or didn’t when he should have.

He is fighting for every time someone else didn’t or couldn’t stand up to the conflict – Hawkins vs Mendoza.

Hawkins vs. Mendoza

His opponent, Jahron Mendoza, or Jah Doza, is looking forward to his 3rd MMA bout. He lost his debut via decision in 2018 and has come back with 2 straight 1st round knockout finishes, one in MMA and the other a kickboxing bout. He fights out of WNY MMA & Fitness.

This brash young man lacks no confidence. “I’ll try my best to make this my third knockout straight… I’ll get the knockout unless he forces me to use my wrestling but since its not ground and pound its pointless because he’s not submitting me. If he tries to stand he’s done.. simple .. watch me.”

Hawkins vs Mendoza is a matchup between contrasting styles and personalities. What happens when the cage door slams on July 27th is going to be a part of this magical night. Get your tickets now to be a part of this fantastic and entertaining night!

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