MayMac Reactions, UFC Fight Night 115, and UFC 215

MayMac Reactions

Addressing the round by round scoring of Mayweather vs. McGregor

Discussing our reactions to the key moments in the fight and the final decision.

Floyd Mayweather turned his back to McGregor several times during the fight. Is this a smart strategy or exposing a flaw in boxing?

Was this boxing match a win-win for scenario and more importantly, was it a win for MMA?

Quick MayMac break to confirm GSP vs. Michael Bisping has been made official.

Revisiting our predictions to Mayweather vs. McGregor and who was the closest.

We fall into the Jon Jones rabbit hole to discuss his meteoric rise, subsequent fall, and speak on his lost heavyweight potential.

What is next for Conor McGregor? Nurmagomedov? Ferguson/ Lee? Diaz?

Khabib’s weight cutting issues severely limit his lightweight potential.

The depth of the lightweight division.

Francis Ngannou scratched from UFC 215.

UFC Fight Night 115: previewing Volkov vs. Struve

Analyzing Volkov’s decision power and life after Struve.

UFC 215 Preview

Jeremy Stephens vs. Gilbert Melendez: Diving into the history of both and Melendez’s potential at 145.

Latifi vs. Pedro: UFC creating a platform to showcase Pedro.

Neil Magny vs. RDA and will RDA ever be a champion again?

MayMac Reactions


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