Under the Radar -Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones – There is quite a bit of anticipation for UFC 214. With three title fights, there certainly should be! The thought that this event has been so overshadowed is really quite astonishing, with a card this big and attractive, there are some pretty insane circumstances that would have to occur for this to be overshadowed. And insane circumstances we have.

The boxing showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is probably the biggest reason that this fight is being overshadowed.

What is traditionally one of the biggest fight cards of the year, during International Fight Week in Las Vegas, happened just a couple weeks ago. Even though it was not the card that it has traditionally been, the fight week events and the accessibility to so many fighters and people within the industry all at one time is certainly a reason that UFC 214 has been overshadowed.

But this is NOT a card that should be in the position that it is in. Under normal circumstances, with the promotional focus that a fight card like this deserves, I believe this card flirts with the one million PPV mark. I don’t think it will actually come close to that number. And I think a lot of casual fans are going to regret not showing up for this card.

How It Happens, Round By Round -Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

That being said, I want to share with you just how Daniel Cormier, who walks into this bout as a roughly 2-1 underdog, is going to get his hand raised, cement his legacy as an all-time light heavyweight great, and dethrone the unbeatable mystic of Johny Bones Jones.

So, here is my round by round play by play of the fight, before the fight:

Round 1 -Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

After an initial offensive attack by Jones, both fighters settle and feel each other out. Jones scored early with a couple oblique kicks, which Cormier does not take kindly to. Jones opens up his arsenal and lands somewhat effectively, but more importantly, he limits the offense of Cormier, who has spent the majority of his time on the defensive. Jones continues coming at all angles. Cormier lands a solid shot to the chin and Jones shakes it off. Cormier lands a couple shots to the body and Jones backs to the fence. Cormier controlling from the clinch and Jones turns the table and spins Cormier with undercooks. Jones looks for separation and lands a huge elbow on the break from the clinch. A nice cut has opened above Daniel’s right eye. Jones goes for a spinning back fist and barely misses as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Jones

Round 2 – Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier got an earful from his corner during the break. They meet at the center of the octagon and Jones is keeping his distance. Cormier takes a couple big shots and lands the final one, backing Jones up. Jones is hurt. Cormier rushes in and they are clinched against the fence. Cormier attempts to get the takedown and Jones defends. Standstill against fence and referee calls for a break. Jones lands a spinning back kick to the midsection of that Cormier didn’t like. Cormier comes back with a 4 punch combo that connects on several occasions and backs Jones against the cage again. Cormier with a quick shot and gets the takedown. A little GNP for Cormier but nothing lands solid as the round ends. 10-9 Cormier (19-19 after 2)

Round 3 – Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

Jones doesn’t have the same confidence he did at the beginning of the fight. The fighters feel each other out. Jones with a huge spinning back kick high misses. Cormier comes in with a combo and lands nicely. Jones retreats and Cormier follows him into the cage. Cormier works the takedown and gets it early. In Jones full guard. Looks like Cormier is taking a rest. Cormier tries to posture up and explode but Jones does a nice job of tying him up. Cormier with a couple body shots. Jones now in butterly guard tries to explode but Cormier gives little. This is unfamiliar territory for Jones, on his back, but he is faring well, hasn’t suffered much damage. Cormier working to pass into half guard but again Jones defends. Cormier taking another break, reengages just in time to not have the fight stood up. Cormier lands a nice short elbow that is partially blocked. Jones is bleeding. Cormier rides out the rest of the round in guard. 10-9 Cormier

Round 4 – Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

Jones looks tired. Cormier appears to be the fresher man at this point. Cormier takes the initiative and lands a one-two. Jones returns with a haymaker that misses wildly then tags Cormier’s with a couple leg kicks. Cormier rushes in and lands a big right that knocks Jones down! Jones is hurt! Cormier is swarming him. Jones attempts to defend but Cormier is relentless. The ref jumps in at the right time as Jones was not defending himself and Daniel Cormier is the first fighter to defeat Jon Jones!!!

It’s All Over -Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

There you have it. Jones looked himself in the first round but it kind of fell apart from there. He did look rusty and he seemed to tire early. Cormier had the best performance of his career and redeemed the only black mark on his resume. It was the perfect recipe for this upset.

That, ladies and gentleman, is how Daniel Cormier will be announced tomorrow, “And still UFC Light Heavyweight champion of the world, Daniel Cormier!”

Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones

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Daniel Cormier Defeats Jon Jones