Cormier Jones Fight Card

Completely Distracted from Cormier Jones Fight Card

As this weekend ended, I could not help getting more and more excited for the Cormier Jones Fight Card. We have been distracted by all of the McGregor Mayweather hoopla, we have been distracted by the UFC announcing a card right here in Octagon 24/7’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, we have been distracted by the great news that fans across this region have long been awaiting, that Mark Cherico and all the Chericoholics finally get their wish when Mark makes his UFC debut next month on UFC Fight Pass.

Now those are all great distractions. Don’t get me wrong. We were also distracted by Chris Weidman getting into the octagon again in Long Island and seeing where he is at. Thankfully for him, he was able to pull through, persevere and get the much needed win.

All of these distractions, all of these great things going on kept many of us from focusing on the best UFC card of 2017. That’s right, I said it. We are quickly closing in on the best MMA card of 2017. The top promotion is about to step forward with their best card, and we haven’t even been paying all that much attention to it.

What does that say? What does that mean? To this guy, that means something great. That means that so many cool things are happening in MMA and in the UFC and in Bellator and in Pittsburgh MMA and in the boxing ring that we didn’t have time to focus on this fantastic card. That is encouraging to me.

Time to start focusing on Cormier Jones Fight Card

We will have plenty of thoughts as this week progresses, however, I wanted to get down my initial thoughts taking my first extended look at the fight card that has slipped under the radar:

  • The timing of the Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones fight could not be better. Let’s just be honest. Jon Jones is in a world of his own at this weight class talent-wise. Nobody is going to beat him at his best. It is pretty safe to assume we have never even seen him at his best. So when Jon Jones fights an opponent, other factors have to come into play for them to be able to best Jon Jones. Whether it is Jon Jones self-inflicting himself with one of the many vices and bad choices that he is known to do, or it being him being as rusty as he has ever and could ever be, this makes the exact perfect time for Daniel Cormier to be able to pull of an upset. This is certainly not my prediction yet, but I may go that route and that is NOT a possibility under normal circumstances.
  • Jon Jones has only fought once since he and Cormier last fought in January 2015! Seriously. Only once. And that was 15 months ago! And he did not look good then either! He was able to get the decision win against Ovince Saint Preux and I can say with certainty that Jones looked worse in that fight than I have ever seen him look.
  • It was a kind of awkward interview on the Fox Weidman-Gastelum fight Saturday night with Cormier and Jones. Jones seemed way off. Interested to see how this week goes with promotion.
  • Demian Maia vs. Tyron Woodley is a great matchup. Woodley will look to be keeping the fight on the feet and Maia will obviously be trying to take it to the ground, even if that means pulling guard.
  • Maia has been on a tear since his move to welterweight, winning 10 of 12 and 7 in a row. His only title shot came in a loss to Anderson Silva in 2010 and at the age of 39, this is very likely his last chance to obtain UFC gold.
  • Woodley is just happy to not face someone named Wonderboy.
  • Robbie Lawyer vs. Donald Cerrone is going to be fun to watch. 2 mid-30 year old sluggers, both coming off a loss. Can you say Fight of the Night?
  • Cerrone needs to use his kicking game well in this fight to get the win
  • Don’t underestimate Jimi Manuwa. He is a beast. Yes, he has lost 2 of his last 5, but those were to the cream of the crop, Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustafsson.
  • That being said, his opponent is also a beast. Don’t believe me? Look at his history. Still don’t believe me? If you have UFC Fight Pass (and if you don’t, you’re going to need it anyway to see Octagon 24/7’s sponsored fighter, Mark Cherico, make is UFC debut on August 22nd) then just watch his last fight if you don’t remember it. Another strong candidate for Fight of the Night.
  • I have a feeling, as the week progresses, the anticipation for this Saturday’s card will build as well!