Cheyenne Hall

We are just two weeks out from Brawl in the Burgh! That seems pretty unbelievable, as it seems like just yesterday we wrapped up Steeltown Throwdown in early April. As we get close to these fights, I wanted to share with you about these fighters! Today we are taking a look at Cheyenne Hall, who is battling a newcomer, Mariam Salmassi!

Cheyenne Hall

Cheyenne is a HUGE fan favorite. The reason? Her matches are always exciting and have people getting out of their seat. But who is Cheyenne? Let’s learn a little more about her.

Cheyenne Hall started training for self-defense. Now it’s her passion. Cheyenne’s desire to protect herself started in her early college years where she was in a physically abusive relationship. The catalyst to her MMA career.  

Cheyenne, a WVU doctorate grad, currently lives in Morgantown and works in Clarksburg as a pharmacist. With a nudge from her father to check out an mma-style sport, Cheyenne began researching gyms in the area and landed at Ground Zero Fighting Systems with the intention to learn Muay Thai, steamrolling into more than she could have imagined. With encouragement from her coaches, she tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and eventually enrolled in tournaments- that she won, of course. This taste of competition ignited her love for the sport and led her to take her first fight. The competitive nature of the sport serves her well. The typical pressures many fighters face of the crowds and lights is now an afterthought because as a child, Cheyenne was a competitive gymnast who dreamt of competing professionally. This is now her reality. 

While Cheyenne Hall is a full-time traditional work professional, there is no shortage of dedication to this sport. During the days she works, she trains before or after work, often both, and on days off, she trains 8-9 hours/day.  “I love how fighting is constantly evolving. There is always something new to learn. It’s different in that way than basketball or volleyball or softball or track or any other sport I played growing up. Just when you have a move figured out, someone somewhere has already learned to counter that and you then have to learn a different move. There’s always a new skill to learn and master. It’s really a lifelong journey. You’re never bored.”

With a 1-1 mma record, Cheyenne has also competed in countless Jiu Jitsu matches, including the Arnold Classic where she won the blue belt Gi division- while she was only a white belt– all with a broken arm. After earning her blue belt, she also won both the gi and no gi blue belt divisions at the West Virginia State Games last year.

While they do worry, Cheyenne Hall has extremely supportive family and friends. “I am thankful for the support that I receive from family, friends, and acquaintances. I hope that my story can inspire someone to go after what they want, to live intentionally. I hope it inspires that little girl who wants to go out for the wrestling team, but who is worried about what people might think, to go out for the team and overcome her fear. I hope it encourages someone who’s been thinking about trying something new, but feeling unsure of themselves, to take the plunge. One day, I nervously walked into an MMA gym alone, to a class that was almost exclusively men that day, and said I wanted to learn how to fight. Talk about feeling unsure of yourself. But it was one of the best and most life-changing decisions I have ever made. I thank God for the ability he’s given me, for leading me down this path, and for keeping me safe. I say that prayer every night and every time I’m about to step into that cage. It truly is a feeling like no other underneath those lights.”

We are so excited to have Cheyenne Hall in the 247 cage. You should be too! Come watch Cheyenne in what is sure to be an amazing fight and night! Get your tickets now!

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