Antonio Castillo defeats Caraballo

Castillo defeats Caraballo – Antonio Castillo Jr. made his MMA return on Saturday night, headlining Iron Tiger 78 in the Cleveland, OH, area. Castillo fought and defeated Frank “The Tank” Caraballo via split decision in front of a very pro-Frank crowd.

It was great to see Castillo return from the injury he suffered in Pittsburgh one year ago this week at the hands of The Pride of Bloomfield, Mark Cherico at Pinnacle FC 15. In that bout, Castillo caught Cherico early and then got backed up on the cage by Cherico, who worked the takedown. Cherico eventually got the takedown, and Castillo at the same time suffered a fight ending, freak ankle break that ended the fight. Castillo defeats Caraballo

Castillo Defeats Caraballo

Castillo Talks Smack

There was bad blood brewing for years between Castillo and Cherico, and it appeared that their 2016 battle had squashed their beef. That was, until Saturday night, when Castillo gave his post fight interview. It that interview, he was asked what was next for him. He responded, “That… that’s a true fighter right there (pointing to Frank Caraballo). Cause Mark Cherico’s a b!tch!”

You can catch Castillo’s fight here. Fast forward to the last minute of the clip, as you can hear Castillo having choice words for Cherico.

Cherico Talks Smack

It’s not all that surprising that Cherico and Castillo still have bad blood. The following is what Mark Cherico shared with us as he prepared for his Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series fight:

It seems that there is unsettled business here and this is the business of being able to smash faces to settle differences.

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