Brawl in the Burgh 17 comes to the Monroeville Convention Center Saturday, July 15 –- and it’s bringing an insane fight card with it.

Actually, just tell ’em, Lebron:

Alright, King James got a little carried away there.

We’re not hosting seven title fights Saturday inside the Monroeville Convention Center. (And the Heat didn’t win seven either. They won two. So HAH!) 

But we do have three insane championship matchups on hand for you at Brawl in the Burgh 17.

Let’s start with our co-main event.

Lucas Seibert (Stout PGH, 4-0) vs. Cam Allgeier (Gorilla House Gym, 6-1) – Amateur Featherweight Title

We’re coming in hot. Scorching, even.

This matchup between Stout PGH’s Lucas Seibert and Gorilla House Gym’s Cam Allgeier is bonkers in the best possible way.

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Allgeier, the former reigning and defending 247 FC bantamweight king, returns for the first time since his loss to Hunter Starner back in February of 2022.

Starner, a 7-0 amateur and now 2-1 pro (with the one loss being a highly contested split decision), proved he’s the real deal. He’ll make noise in MMA for years to come.


Back at Brawl in the Burgh 10, Allgeier was just a slight step behind.

That said, Allgeier feels he’s closed that gap (just listen to him on the latest Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast), and he looks forward to proving it at Brawl in the Burgh 17 against Seibert.

If he does?

Well, he’ll be the first man to defeat Seibert –– or even make life inside the cage difficult for him –– to date.

The former West Virginia wrestler Seibert has shown nothing but excellence since starting his MMA career back at Brawl in the Burgh 12 last July.

He notched two dominant wins inside the 247 FC cage before heading to Ohio and West Virginia, where his success continued. He most recently won the New Line Cagefighting title in West Virginia, and now he wants to come back to Pennsylvania to do it again.

He’s not shy about letting you know it, either.

Seibert’s ranked third in Tapology’s PA amateur bantamweight rankings. Allgeier’s ranked second.

Yep. This is an elite matchup at Brawl in the Burgh 17, friends. Be there.

Miguel Francisco (Stout PGH, 4-2) vs. Jake Wiggins (Temple MMA, 3-2) – Amateur Bantamweight Title

One fight before Seibert and Allgeier take the cage, Stout PGH’s Miguel Francisco and Temple MMA’s Jake Wiggins throw down for bantamweight gold.

We have a strong recommendation for this one: Don’t blink.

No, seriously. Don’t. You’ll regret that.

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Francisco is 4-2 overall –– but he’s won three straight, all via finish.

Inside the 247 FC cage?

Yeah, it’s been a different level for “Deku” lately. He finished his last two opponents in 100 seconds –– combined.

That includes one via submission and one via knockout, but hey, who’s keeping track anyway? (We are. You can watch Miguel’s past fights right here.)

All that said…. Underestimate Wiggins at your own risk.

The Temple MMA product is an absolute stud, and two of his three amateur victories came via first-round knockout. When Francisco needed a dance partner, Wiggins and Temple MMA signed on the dotted line without hesitation.

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Making things even juicier? Temple MMA coach and pro standout Calvin Harbaugh main-evented Brawl in the Burgh 15 back in December … a card which featured young Francisco in the co-main event.

So Harbaugh knows exactly what Francisco can do –– and he welcomes it for Wiggins.

Do they know something? Do they see something to exploit?

We’re about to find out.

Geoff Magin (Stout PGH, 3-1) vs. Nick Nash (Victory MMA, 5-0) – Amateur Light Heavyweight Title

What’s that quote about an unstoppable force and an immovable object?

I don’t know. I’m not a philosopher.

But this fight between Stout PGH’s Geoff Magin and Victory MMA’s Nick Nash does make you think…

Who is the baddest 205er in the tri-state area?

Again, I don’t know. We’re about to find out Saturday, though.


Magin, the Pitt wrestler with sledgehammer hands, is on a tear, and nobody wants to fight him.

Nobody except Nick Nash, that is. Because Nick Nash is a savage.

Victory MMA stepped to the plate with a grin on their faces. At 5-0, Nash just can’t stop winning, and he most recently took home the Caged Thunder amateur 205-pound title at the end of May.

Can he go two-for-two in 2023 and add the 247 FC strap to his mantle as well?

Magin doesn’t think so.

He’s on a mission right now. He’s violent. He’s motivated. And he plans to keep the gold in the Steel City.

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If you miss this fight, that’s on you. You’re going to regret it.

Let’s have some fun Saturday, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll see you there.

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