Brawl in the Burgh 10 takes over the Monroeville Convention Center SATURDAY, Feb. 5. 


Now, it is not often –– especially in the pandemic era –– that we get to go out and just enjoy ourselves.

So much has changed in the past couple years that simply going out on a weekend doesn’t even seem to happen anymore.

With that said, Brawl in the Burgh 10 is here, and the Monroeville Convention Center doors will be wide open Saturday night for a fun, action-packed night of live MMA goodness.

Here are the top 10 reasons to take a trip to Monroeville for Brawl in the Burgh 10.

10. You haven’t had fun in so long.

You have been trapped in a desperate state of boredom. It’s time to start living again. It’s time to start enjoying yourself again. It’s time to feel good about yourself again. It’s time to unwind, have a beer or two and just let all the stress roll off this weekend while you kick back and watch some fights.

The dishes will be there when you get home, and the laundry won’t go anywhere. A nice, couple-hour break can do wonders for you.

9. Pittsburgh has a TON of up-and-coming talent.

There are literally 10 gyms in the area that are putting out top-notch talent, and quite a few of those gyms will be heavily represented on this card (we spotlight some local gyms in this blog post!).

You will be amazed that there is this subculture of local MMA right here in Pittsburgh, and getting to see the stars of tomorrow early in their careers is a treat you will certainly enjoy.  One day, we truly believe you’ll be able to look back on this Brawl in the Burgh 10 fight card and say you saw some of these guys fight live before they were uber-famous.

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8. Edwin Vera.

That’s it. That’s the point. What more do you need?

Edwin Vera is one of the most exciting fighters anywhere. He is always fun, and he is willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone. He is truly a fighter’s fighter, throwing down like there is no tomorrow. You can guarantee Edwin is willing to fight anywhere, anytime, and against anyone.

Coming from the Bronx, he has the heart of a champion and all the tools to excite the crowd. And the best part is his personality. He is known to make everyone laugh, and when you’re around Edwin, it’s a guaranteed good time. His opponent at Brawl in the Burgh 10, Awstin Martinez, is an ANIMAL who finishes tough opponents, making this an early contender for Fight of the Night.

We can’t wait.

7. MMA Debuts

Getting to see people make their first walk to the cage is something special. How will they perform? How will they transition from other sports to MMA? How will they react to the pressure? The lights? The spotlight?

It’s a different world getting that first MMA experience. You would be shocked to find out how many fighters have one MMA fight and never fight again.

Everyone has to have their first fight. Jon Jones made his pro debut back in 2008 in Foxborough Massachusetts for Full Force Promotions. Khama Worthy debuted in 2009 in Alabama!

You may get to see a future superstar dip their toes in the MMA waters and brag about it later. Gavin Teasdale (see below) and Matt Vanderhoff both make their debuts Saturday night. Get hyped.

6. Regional MMA is cooler than the UFC in many ways.

Skeptical? Yeah, we get it. This sounds like Promoter-Speak 101. But stepping back and taking an objective stance, there’s just so much to love about a local MMA show.

A packed, rabid crowd FILLED with family, close friends, coaches, and training partners genuinely “hits different.” The passion inside the Monroeville Convention Center for Brawl in the Burgh 10 will be off the charts. That’s a guarantee.

Still not sold?

Let UFC commentator Jon Anik break it down for you (and subscribe to the Pittsburgh Combat Sports Podcast while you’re at it for more like this):

5. There are some amateur fighters on this card who are nothing short of exhilarating!

Julian Flenory is an undefeated beast. Craig Perry set the crowd on fire back in his MMA debut at Brawl in the Burgh 9. Perry’s opponent, Anthoney Morris, brings WAR to every fight and says he’s more prepared than ever.

Evan Delong and Kenyon Moore are both unbeaten and have seemed invincible in their short time in the cage. Tyler Fry has ALL the tools and moxie to spoil the big debut of Teasdale.

See what we mean? There isn’t a single fight on this card that doesn’t bring an interesting matchup or storyline to the table. Top to bottom, this fight card promises to deliver.


4. Justin Patton is a HUGE fan favorite.

Justin Patton was out of action for a long time and hasn’t been able to get back on the winning track since his return.

Josh Armstrong is Patton’s next challenge at Brawl in the Burgh 10, and these two pros each look to pick up their first professional win. Armstrong is a big-time fighter who has faced a who’s-who of tough dudes. The same can be said for Patton, who routinely takes on the toughest tests available.

This fight is flying under the radar, and I think these two are poised to put on a massive show on Saturday!

3. Cameron Allgeier vs. Hunter Starner MONSTER TITLE FIGHT 

This is what it’s all about.

Two of the best amateur bantamweights in the nation throw down for 247 FC gold, and what a fight it’ll be (breakdown here).

Cam Allgeier, the current 247 FC amateur bantamweight king, is 6-0. Hunter Starner is 6-0. They’re both young. They’ve both dominated opposition to this point.

cam-allgeier-hunter-starner-brawl-burgh-10-247-fighting-championships-matchup-graphicThe winner of this fight can make a real claim as the TOP amateur bantamweight in the United States. It’d be tough to dispute.

This is as high-level as an amateur title fight gets, ladies and gentlemen.

2. Gavin Teasdale is one of the best PA wrestlers EVER!

Again, it sounds like Promoter Speak, right?

It’s not.

Gavin won states four times in high school at Jefferson-Morgan. Four times. Yes, your math is correct. He won every. single. year. That makes him just one of 13 wrestlers to ever accomplish that feat in the state of Pennsylvania.

Elite company.

Gavin was 162-2 overall in his high-school wrestling career, and he’s hoping those skills translate to the cage when he takes on the well-rounded Central PA MMA product Tyler Fry.

Believe us: Fry and his team want to spoil Teasdale’s debut in a big, big way. Will Teasdale and his crew at Indio Dojo let that happen?

We’re about to find out.

1. The Death Star is back –– and he has a HUGE challenge on his hands.

C’mon. You can’t talk about Brawl in the Burgh 10 without discussing this main-event showdown between Pittsburgh MMA legend Khama Worthy and Carolina Kickboxing Academy’s Jeremiah Scott.

This fight tops the card, and for good reason. It’s INSANE!

Not only is it Khama’s first fight since leaving the UFC after a five-fight stint in which he notched two impressive stoppage victories, but it’s also an opportunity for Jeremiah to catapult up the rankings and establish himself as a fighter to watch on the national level.

There is so much at stake for each fighter here –– and each man boasts the power and the skill to stop this fight anywhere, any time. In eight professional victories, Jeremiah’s gone to a decision just once.

Khama, meanwhile, has finished his opponent in 12 of his 16 career wins (including those two inside the legendary UFC Octagon).

So yeah. You probably don’t want to blink when these two take the cage to cap off an incredible evening of fights.

See yinz there. It’s showtime.

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