Bellator 186 is a MMA event held on November 3rd, 2017 at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA.

Here are the live results from cageside!

Preliminary Card:

Middleweight Preliminary Bout: Josh Fremd (1-0) vs. Ryan Parker (Pro Debut)

Round 1 – Here we go. Parker with an early flurry and Fremd gets the takedown. Fremd works for the guillotine and Parker works back to his feet. Parker ends on top of Fremd but Josh gets back up. Parker working him against the cage. Parker going for single leg but it’s stopped by Fremd. Grappling against the cage, Parker controlling. Fremd finally reverses and briefly gets the back. Parker on bottom on his side hanging onto Kimora but never gets it. Fremd on top and looking for gnp. ou can hear Dominic Mazzotta from the first row extending Josh’s corner. Round ends with Josh in control. Close round but we score it 10-9 Fremd.

Round 2 – Fighters feel out for a little bit then a ferry by Parker awakens Fremd and Fremd explodes with a high kick that barely connects followed up by a flurry of punches that puts Parker on the canvas. Fremd gets on top and is ruthless. Finally takes his back and forces the tap via RNC just 1:25 into the round.

Featherweight Preliminary Bout: Ethan Goss (3-3) vs. Andrew Salas (3-1)

Round 1 – Clearly the fan favorite, Goss came out with several kicks from a southpaw stance. Jabs keeping Salas at a distance continue setting up the kicks for Goss. Salas was eventually able to get some pressure against the cage 1 minute in.  Battle along the fence for both men and a takedown attempt by Salas was stuffed. Goss eventually got off the cage with a takedown but Salas quickly got back to his feet. The fight went back to the fance again, again with Salas pressing and trying to wear down Goss by leaning against him and throwing knees to the abdomen.  The round finished in the middle of the ring.

Round 2 –  Round 2 began with kicks again from Goss and Salas pressing to move it to the fence.  At the 1 minute mark again and Salas was able to secure a takedown.  Goss got back to his feet and was able to fight off a back mount attempt.  Much of the same in Rd.2 with the action against the cage, but half way through, Goss was able to move it to the middle. Salas controlling the pace and pressure, but separation and space gave Goss a window for strikes to land.  Goss ended the round with a choke attempt but Salas escaped and it moved to the middle to end the round.

Round 3 –  Round 3 begins and the action, went to the fence again, but in favor of Goss.  Goss gained top position and eventually got back position but could not sink the choke. Salas tried an escape and then found himself in trouble with Goss in full mount.  Salas was able to fight off most off the blows, but Goss maintained full mount.  Round 3 was all for Goss. Salas eventually made it back to his feet, but Goss was undeterred and took it to the ground again.  The round ended with Goss looking for the rear-naked choke but was unsuccessful.  The fans wanted the victory for Goss who was from State College.  The judges scored it 29-29 Goss, 29-28 Salas and 29-28 Salas to give Salas the split decision but the crowd felt otherwise.

Featherweight Preliminary Bout: Francis Healy (7-4) vs. Frank Buenafuente (7-4)

Round 1 –  Round 1 began with the action quickly going up against the fence and Buenafuente with the pressure. Healy was able to fight him off and move it to the center of the ring, but Buenafuente secured a takedown and put Healy in full guard.  Still on the ground, the fight moved up against the cage once more and Healy found a hole for an armbar. Buenafuente was eventually able to escape.  After a flurry for position, Healy was in full guard, but this time at the center of the ring where the round ended.

Round 2 –  With round 1 going to Buenafuente, Healy came out pressuring, throwing jabs and kicks.  The fight eventually went to the ground again and Buenafuente .  Healy moved to the fence and could not get back to his feet after several attempts. Healy found himself on his back once more in half guard, pulling Buenafuente down to avoid blows from the top. With about 1 minute left in the round, Healy was able to get back to his feet briefly, but the action went back to the mat and ended there.

Round 3 –  Round 3 begins with Healy losing both rounds.  Healy came out with pressure again and this time took the fight to fence but could not get a takedown.  After a scramble and going back to the ground, Healy went for an armbar once more, but Buenafuente was able to escape.  The action continued on the ground with each fighter looking for control before the ref finally moved the fighters to their feet. In the center, both briefly exchanged jabs and crosses, before going to the ground and Healy looking for another armbar attempt.  After a scramble back to their feet and a few more strikes the round ended, probable for a unanimous decision for Buenafuente, who  was sporting a size-able welt and swelling under his left eye.  The judges scoring was announced as 30-27 and 29-28 for Buenafuente.

Featherweight Preliminary Bout: Ty-wan Claxton (Pro Debut) vs. Johnny Bonilla-Bowman (1-0)

Round 1 –  Ty-wan Claxton is making his pro debut in this fight.  Round 1 begins with both fighters trying to find distance for strikes, with circling in the middle.  Several attempts did not find their mark, until a flying left knee by Ty-wan Braxton, the only significant strike landed by either fighter, ended the fight with a knockout.  The fans went crazy with the live action and each instance of replay.  Bonilla-Bowman was attended to for several minutes before he was able to gain his feet.  Wow is and understatement for the finish.  Not a bad way to start your professional mma career.

Welterweight Preliminary Bout: Logan Storley (6-0) vs. Matt Secor (9-4)

Round 1 –  A fight to keep your eye on, as we stated in an earlier post.  Both fighters met in the middle and got right to exchanges blows and landing.  The gap closed and the fight went to the ground with Storley on top and finding his mark in a flurry, opening a cut on Secor’s forehead.  Storley looked to finish, but Secor was able to temporarily scramble away from further damage. Short lived, and looking for a sub from the bottom, Storley backed off and Secor was able to land upkicks.  The ref eventually brought Secor to his feet but the round ended with a small flurry of action, Secor on his back again.  Round 1 to Storley.

Round 2 –  Round 2 began again with both men meeting in the center for an exchange of jabs before, 30 seconds in, Secor was on his back again.  Not much action while on the mat, so the ref brought them back up.  Storley started the action again with a right kick to Secor’s front left leg and Secor returned the favor, but landed up high around the shoulders.  Once again, midway through the round, Storley took his opponent down , but there was limited action and the ref, again, brought them back up.  Secor went for a choke attempt, but Storley was able to scramble, avoiding a 2nd submission attempt and the round ended with Storley on top, taking the 2nd round as well.

Round 3 –  Round 3 and Storley came out looking to pressure and wear his opponent down with strikes.  A successful takedown by Storley found him on top, with Secor in full guard.  Limited action on the ground, except for a few small flurries from both the bottom and the top.  Storley found his mark with a right hand over the top but, for the most part, Secor was able to block and deflect.  After Secor regained his feet, he made a successful takedown but scrambling on the mat, Storley was able to reverse and, once again, find the top position.  The fighters eventually got back up and to the fence where the round and the fight ended.  This should be a 30-27 unanimous decision for Storley.  UPDATE: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 for Storley with a unanimous decision. His knockout streak ended but remained undefeated.

Bantamweight Preliminary Bout: Dominic Mazzotta (12-2) vs. Matt Lozano (8-5)

Round 1 –  A much anticipated bout for Western Pennsylvania and Central PA, Mazzotta is looking to get his 1st Bellator victory in his 2nd attempt.  He is a heavy crowd favorite.  The action starts in the middle with successfully landing a front kick and spinning back kick.  :30 seconds in, Mazzotta took Lozano down and kept pressure, landing a few blows from the top, as well as several elbows.  A right elbow from Mazzotta land and badly cut Lozano. The fight doctor came in to look at the cut and immediately stopped the fight.  Mazzotta picks up his 1st Bellator victory in convincing fashion by TKO at 2:37.

Featherweight Preliminary Bout: Mike Otwell (3-1) vs. Michael Trizano (4-0)

Round 1 –  Round 1 begins with a quick flurry/scramble in action and Otwell controlled the action against the fence until 1 minute in, Trizano made a successful takedown.  Trizano threw a few palm punches from the bottom, but Otwell maintained control.  The pace slowed somewhat until Otwell gained side control.  n armbar attempt from the bottom by Trizano  was unsuccessful, but he eventually went for a guillotine choke, unable to fully sink the hooks and Trizano ended on top with some rights the found their mark.

Round 2 – Otwell started rd.2 with pressure, attempting a takedown, finding some success, but eventually Otwell reversed positioning and took his opponent down.  Trizano eventually found himself an opportunity for the d’arce choke and, this time, was successful, as his opponent tapped out to give Trizano the win and remain undefeated.  This was Trizano’s 2nd submission victory.

Welterweight Preliminary Bout: Mike Wilkins (7-4) vs. Brett Martinez (6-4)

Round 1 –  Mike Wilkins is making his Bellator debut tonight and is a crowd favorite. Rd.1 begins with Wilkins in southpaw, his opponent in orthodox.  Martinez went for a takedown but was stuffed by Wilkins, landing significant shots from side position. Wilkins was able to maintain control from this point, taking his opponent to the ground and looking for a choke.  Martinez made his way back to his feet but could get off the fence.  Wilkins continued pressure against the cage and was able to land significant strikes by way of knees to the stomach.   Martinez was able to separate and get off the fence, but sporting a some swelling under his right eye.  :30 left in the round and Wilkins started to land heavy blows and knees.  The round ended with both men in the center. Wilkins takes round 1.

Round 2 –  Round 2 starts in the center with a left kick from Wilkins, who continues to pressure and force his opponent backwards.  Wilkins gets back mount 1 minute in and ends it with a rear-naked choke.  Wilkins wins his Bellator debut in impressive fashion.  UPDATE: 1:09 mark of the 2nd round, win for Wilkins with the rear-naked choke.

Lightweight Preliminary Bout: Mike Putnam (1-1) vs. Scott Clymer (Pro Debut)

Round 1 –  Action begins quickly Clymer aggressive and forces his opponent to the fence and landing significant strikes from close range.  Clymer is relentless with the pressure and starts landing knees in tight to the ribs.  Putnam briefly gets to his feet, but Clymer keeps up with heavy pressure and pins his opponent to the fence, forces him down and continues landing strikes, all getting through.  Putnam eventually taps out to strikes, giving Clymer the victory in his pro debut, coming at 3:00 in to round 1.  Impressive start to his professional mma career.  UPDATE: Official scoring was a TKO/Ref stoppage.