Bellator 186 Dominic Mazzotta

Bellator 186 Dominic Mazzotta – Just as round 2 comes with Dominic Mazzotta’s Bellator career, so too does this series. You might remember his first fight with Bellator, in which there was Breakfast with Dominic Mazzotta. Thankfully, Dom is not superstitious enough to scrap having a meal with yours truly, as it was a pleasant surprise to be invited to dinner with the boys, including Francis Healy, Josh Fremd, Isaac Greeley and a who’s who of combat sports athletes and trainers from the area. Included in the mix was Mat Factory product and PSU Wrestling true freshman Joey Blumer.

Bellator 186 Dominic Mazzotta

This was less an interview and more just hanging out with the guys. As with anything with Dom, there’s always plenty of laughs and fun. But just 24 hours earlier, Dom was not ready to have fun. As we were getting content for this article, I was asked what belt Dom was in BJJ and it occurred to me that I wasn’t sure. So I gave Dom a quick text. “What belt are you in BJJ”. Dom responded shortly thereafter, “Black”.

Yeah, probably should have known that. I also realized that he was probably not in the best of moods, in the trenches of a weight cut. Just 11 minutes later, I got a second text from Dom, “I’m done answering questions”. Yeah, I gotcha, no problem.

Saw Dom at about noon the following day (Friday) and we both smiled at each other. “Sorry, man, I was miserable until about 15-20 minutes ago”. No worries, I go a couple hours without eating and I’m hangry. Bellator 186 Dominic Mazzotta

Thursday night ceremonial weigh in happen, we get back to the hotel and I’m uploading the photos and video in the hotel room. Then I decide to go to the lobby to ask the front desk where a good dinner spot would be. As I’m coming down the steps into the lobby, first person I see is Dom. “Wanna go to dinner? A bunch of us are heading out to Tokyo for hibachi.” And hence, dinner with Dom.

Anyone who knows me knows that the most important thing in my life is Jesus. Ministry is my full-time vocation and my faith is my rock. When we got our food delivered to us (who knew there weren’t any hibachi places at State College that they cook in front of you?), Dom stopped and announced that he was going to pray. The whole group bowed their heads in prayer as Dom prayed over the food and the group assembled. Very cool.

This group of friends have such a bond. They have sweat, been in the trenches, lifted, trained, gone into deep water together. They’ve pushed each other mentally, physically and spiritually. They have done things and bonded in ways that most of the world can’t even comprehend. And it shows. It shows in their interactions, their banter, their bond. It shows in the unspoken respect they have for each other. It shows that they are all equals, regardless of who has made it to what level or has had success in one area over another, they all know that each has been in the trenches and is one of them. Bellator 186 Dominic Mazzotta

After the prayer, everyone raised their waters for a toast by coach Isaac Greeley. This guy is such a class act. Just complete humility and friendliness all around. He has invited us to join the fighters in joint training sessions and could not be a better guy.

Some things of note:

  • Dom ordered enough food for himself to feed 3/4 of State College.
  • Joey Blumer ate enough food to feed 3/4 of State College (He was forced to eat everyone’s plate scraps 🙂
  • Jim Mooney is bald.
  • #yinzerscrappack

Seriously though, they’re a great group of guys and who wouldn’t want success for them.

Oh, one other totally unrelated item, if you watch the weigh ins, Jimmy Smith mispronounced Dominic and instead said Dominique several times. What’s up with that?

Excited for the main card too? So are we!

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