Bellator 186 is a MMA event held on November 3rd, 2017 at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA.

Here are the live results from cageside!

Complete Bellator 186: Bader vs. Vassell Fight Card:

Lightweight Feature Bout: Saad Awad (20-9) vs. Zach Freeman (9-2)

Round 1 –  Round 1 begins with Freeman and Awad exchange front low leg kicks.  1 minute in and neither fighter has landed a strike. But that was short lived as Awad connected with a right just behind the left ear and it was clear that Freeman would not continue, losing has balance in an attempt to cover.  Awad gets the TKO in the 1st round at the 1:07 minute mark.

Middleweight Feature Bout: Ed Ruth (3-0) vs. Chris Dempsey (11-5)

Round 1 –  Dempsey will be up against a raucous crowd, facing heavy hometown fan favorite and Penn State alum Ed Ruth.  The action with Dempsey attempting a takedown and stopped by Ruth. Dempsey pressures Ruth, but Ruth ends up with a takedown and maintains control from the back.  Ruth briefly had full mount, but Dempsey was able to fight him off, moving him to side control.  Dempsey gets back to his feet and exchanges strikes in the center of the ring.  Ruth pushes forward,but Dempsey slows him with a stiff left jab and finds an uppercut that lands, as well.  Dempsey comes close to ending the fight with a guillotine,but Ruth escapes and the fighters finish on the ground. Close one, but edge to Ruth.

Round 2 –  The fighters come to the center again and exchanges punches.  An opening found by Ruth lands solid with Dempsey going down and Ruth gets the KO.  Official time of the knockout was :27 seconds  of the 2nd round.

Light Heavyweight Feature Bout: Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (17-4, 1 NC) vs. Leo Leite (10-0)

Round 1 –  Can you top the previous bout, where one of the combatants was a hometown crowd favorite and Penn State alum?  You can if you’re Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis.  Round 1 begins with a strong front kick by Davis and the jockey in the center to find their distance.  Davis gains control against the fence and is able to fight off several takedown attempts by Leite. The fight moves to the center of the ring. Davis is content to jab and push his opponent backwards with pressure on Leite. Leite attempts some counter strikes but they are largely insignificant and the round ends with both men in the center on their feet.

Round 2 – Both men come to the middle, touch gloves and the action begins with Davis pressuring his opponent backwards again.  Leite begins countering and there’s a brief stoppage for the Leite claims is an eye poke.  Together again, the action resumes with Davis being stopped on a takedown attempt.  Leite trades punches with Davis in the middle.  The pace slows a bit, but Davis is controlling the action and eventually pressures Leite and pins him again with his back to the fence and standing.  1:30 left in round and Davis has his opponent trapped against the fence once more and gets his opponent to one knee.  Back up and Leite connects with a back fist on the break.  Davis starting to land with more consistency and the round ends in the middle again,strikes exchanged. Round 2 to Davis, same as Round 1.

Round 3 –  Center circle and Davis looks to be picking his spots to land.  Leite tries pressuring, but Davis counters, forcing Leite backwards.  Davis attempts a takedown again, stopped again by Leite.  The action moves back to the center of the cage with an exchange of strikes and some solid ones landing.  Leite proves to be difficult to takedown again, but Davis continues with the pressure, forcing his opponent pressed against the fence again.  Leite starts countering again, but Davis easily slips and the fight ends with both men striking near the center.  Scoring should end with a unanimous decision for Davis.  UPDATE: Official scoring is 30-27 for Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis in a unanimous decision.

Women’s Flyweight World Title: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane (6-0) vs. Emily Ducote (6-2)

Round 1 –  The ref brings the fighters to center circle for instructions, touch gloves and the action begins with a kick by Ducote and a counter by Macfarlane . Action moves up against the cage with Macfarlane controlling the pace, throwing knees in the clench.  Ducote gets forced backwards with jabs but finds her way out to the middle and both fighters look for an opening.  The action is coming in spurts and Macfarlane  starts forcing the pressure, striking more aggressively.  Macfarlane gets her opponent to the ground and attempts a rear-naked choke.  Ducote is able to escape but finds herself on the receiving end of some significant elbows. Macfarlane  attempts an armbar and gets full mount from there.  Her opponent stretched out, she begins landing blows to an open torso. She goes for an armbar again but the round comes to a close. Round 1 to Macfarlane .

Round 2 –  Round 2 starts with Ducote trying to pressure and back up Macfarlane.  Fighters meet in the middle again, exchanges successful strikes, while moving in and out.  Ducote starting to show signs of damage from Macfarlane’s striking. The pace remains steady and an even round thus far 3 minutes into round 2.  Ducote tries again to pressure her opponent back to the fence but Macfarlane circles and counters with a right that lands on the left eye of Ducote.  Macfarlane attempts a takedown at the end of the round but unsuccessful.  Close round, but giving the edge to Ducote. Touch to call.

Round 3 –  Round 3 begins with Macfarlane as the aggressor this time.  The contest has largely been fought in the middle of the ring.  Ducote lands a right kick and Macfarlane  counters with a left at the same time. The action picks up 2:30 into the round and Macfarlane  maintaining a clench around Ducote’s neck, landing some knees.  The fighters separate and Macfarlane lands another right to the left cheek.  Ducote fights off a takedown attempt.  Macfarlane pins her opponent to the fence and after several attempts, finally gets her takedown.  Round 3 comes to a close with Macfarlane on top and landing. Round 3 to Macfarlane.

Round 4 –  Back to action, Ducote tries pressuring Macfarlane but she circles away to her right and off the fence.  Ducote lands a solid kick to her opponents left leg.  The pace slows noticeably midway in round 4.  Ducote continues to try moving Macfarlane back but she, once again, circles to her right and avoids the pressure.  Center circle again, Ducote misses with several left crosses and a jab.  Brief exchange, Macfarlane  gets a takedown, but Ducote reverses and gets side control.  The round ends here.  It might be enough to give her the round, but we’re giving it to Macfarlane.

Round 5 –  Round 5 ….. Ducote pressures again, leg kick by Ducote. Combinations being thrown, now singles, but no power punches.  Ducote lands a jab.  Macfarlane  counters with a straight right. Macfarlane lands a combo and a knee right up the middle.  Leg kick by Macfarlane caught by Ducote. Macfarlane attempts a throw but Ducote gets control on the ground.  Macfarlane in full guard and she’s more active on the bottom than her opponent is on top.  Not much action on the ground at this point by Ducote.  Macfarlane has a high guard and looks to be leveraging for a submission attempt, Ducote not able to doing anything with top position.  Macfarlane working toward an armbar attempt, rolls and gets the submission.  And new!!! 3:42 of the 5th round and Bellator’s Inaugural Flyweight Champion.

Light Heavyweight World Title: Ryan Bader (23-5) vs. Linton Vassell (18-5, 1 NC)

Round 1 –  Round 1 begins with Bader attempting a takedown, action against the fence.  Vassell reverses position and then Bader, with a quick sprawl gets the takedown and ends up with side control.  Vassell gets back to his feet and the fighters meet in the middle for exchanges.  Bader finds an opening for an uppercut.  They separate and Vassell lands 2 successful legs kicks.  A third attempt is perfectly timed by Bader and he gets the shot for a takedown.  Bader maintains control on the ground, moves for side control and Vassell escapes back to his feet.  Bader continues his pressure and eventually gets another takedown.  Now with his back against the fence and on the ground, Vassell attempts some striking, starts moving to his feet and the round ends here.  Round 1 to Bader.

Round 2 –  Action returns and Bader quickly rushes Vassell and gets the takedown once more.  Vassell finds him in the same position where round 1 ended.  Bader throws short lefts and keeps pressure on his opponent.  Vassell scrambling to get to his feet, moves to his knees and Bader keeps him on the ground.  Pressure from Bader is stifling on his opponent, but now Vassell lands significant shots, hammer fists, from his back.  Bader is able to scramble to Vassell’s back and starts raining down blows and gets the ref stoppage for a TKO.